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Okcheon- Dong To Mangsang-Dong

Down the coast heading away from the DMZ there are plenty of reminders of the past, beaches in these areas also fenced off with razor wire and all.

History here

Given I had been ripping around a bit I decided to bust my last two days into easy days and be a terrorourist to see what the locale did at the seaside, well, surfing was the gig, I dipped my feet in the water cos it was stinking hot and f&$k me the water was cold.

An observation of the hardcore surfers saw them all wearing full-length wetsuits with booties and all, I didn’t feel so bad then.

Big wide open beaches
Yeap, Arctic waters

Part of this mini break was the logistical thinking of taking the ferry from Donghae to Vladivostok in Russia, this means getting my papers sorted for customs to boot me out of the country properly and easily.

Given I am a “ducks in a row” dude I had everything organized so really it was just a check list and see which undies I wanted to wear on the ship.

Some tactical thinking so I didn’t have to carry shitloads of gear was in order, it is only one night on the boat so yeah basics will do and some awesome advice from Dick and Diana Hubbard who were on the boat only two weeks ago, nothing beats current local knowledge…try find that on the GPS!!!

Although the Hubbards could not help with my undies selection their info made it easier to know what to bring and what not to.

My ride down the final part of the coast was uneventful apart from a massive thunderstorm on my last night which knocked the power out. I knew it was gonna rain cos about 2-3 hours prior it gets really stickie and starts turning darker.

Coupla random pics from my stop.

Huge building on the main drag
Ha ... the secret is out anyone can do accounting, I am onto Ellens gig now!

I was stoked as 45 also had indoor digs at the end of the building, the owner said to bring her inside it will be safer so there she be, was great packing her up under cover and lights.

Lucky girl
Check out my blue chic-pulling scandals, got to remove footwear and they give you these wee stunners to cruise around in
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