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Kutaisi Georgia To Hopa Turkey

Short day to the border, asphalt all the way…unless you get bored with asphalt.

I had a cool ride through rolling hills which could have been anywhere in New Zealand other than the white line on the road is on the wrong side.


Very nice relaxing ride

I have to say it wasn’t long and I was swayed in my ways.

My final fling with Georgia and my last chance in a threesome here, 45, Georgia and me, curiosity got the better of me as I found a short longcut with a slight detour.

Wasn't long and I was on a single land gravel road on my way to somewhere.

Bigarse water pipe!

With elevation comes cooler temperatures, with cooler temperature comes frozen water, with frozen water means entertainment on 2 wheels so it was not long before the circus started.  


Yeah ice ...shoulda known

A wee way up I came across a car in the middle of the track blocking my way, I lost all my momentum at this point which was a bugga, 45 taking the rest in her stride and making ok work of it, I only had to wait 5 minutes as they had a flatty and they were on their way until they got stuck at the next bit.

Changin the wheel
Pack ice...WOH HOH

Where they stopped again I managed to bail around them in the fresh snow, I gunned it and roosted one of the guys (accidentally) who came around behind to watch me go through the snow, he was larfing his head off so it was waves and I was on my way to the top.

I didn’t stop between there and the top as it was steeper and I dear not stop for the fear of not getting rolling again.

Making it to the top there where a few onlookers, I waved and had my lunch, they looked sorta surprised and were a little standoffish at first, I gathered they thought I was nuts..

Lunch spot
The summit to the left of the picture, no way through for this kid.

All in all time was ticking, the border was calling and the conditions were bad enough to set me up for a fall which I did not need, I hate havin my arse handed to me but I had to concede to carry on would have been suicide.

My next mission then was to ride the icepack downhill, while it wasn't above my pay grade it was pretty fuckin close!!

Stunning from the top
This is where I went to.

Being right on the very western end of Georgia I was close to the Black sea, unfortunately, the camera does not pick this up very well however you can make it out. So cool to be up this high and see across the valley and down to the sea. 


Thank you Georgia you are beautiful.

To look on the bright side I still got some epic views and I had lunch is a cool place.

The descent, 1st gear, 2nd gear, NO front brake, a little back brake and the key was no sudden moves or changes and keep the train rolling, once you lock a wheel on this you are fucked plain and simple and generally mean core sampling the ice..  

Luckily the “interesting” part was only about 3 km long but long enough to keep me on my toes and I was mentally shagged when I got to the good gravel, the concentration of preempting the next move of 45 on the off-camber. 

Not toooooo bad, downhill is harder
Let the tires down to 10 PSI front and 15 PSI rear at the top, made a huge difference

With a slight breath of relief in passing the Antarctic without laying 45 down I  made my way back to the normal human roads and made my way to Turkey, border crossing done and dusted both sides in a little over 20 minutes.

Stamped, ticketed, imported and insured I rode past all the insurance touts that wonna smash my pocket with fake insurance, they are very aggressive standing in front of the bike while I am going down the road, one nearly de-balled by 45 but realized just in time I was not gonna play his stupid game.   

And totally random, Looks like Valentino wants to be my friend LOL


...might ring em!!
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