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Samarkand To Bukhara

More main road, boom, teleported from Samarkand to Bukhara and you didn’t even notice.

No pics, nothing to see.

Highlight of the day NOT getting run over by a Stannie driver.

Bukhara to Khiva To Shetpe (Kazachkstan)

What do you do on a road that disappears into the abyss in a straight line? ….stop and do wees beside the only landmark that says there is a tree in 16 km.

Yee haa a tree.

Turning off the main drag to Khiva was a bombhole infested road for quite a way, much weaving and braking to avoid these and the consequences that could follow.

After 20 odd km it tidied up enough to get some pace on again as I wanted to get in prior dark.

On the road to Khiva there is a rail bridge patrolled by armed military, I had the whole bridge to myself which was coul.

Road / rail bridge

Arriving at Khiva just before dark I found my accommodation and was greeted very nicely by the family who run it. They had no courtyard so they asked me if it was ok to put it in the dining room ….I would have preferred my bedroom but one cannot be pickie.  

On going for a stomp around town I found a sidecar, pretty coul old rig it was.


The old town Khiva they have restored the walls to what was the original outer city walls and dates back hundreds of years, suffered many wars and revolutions and now stands in full glory again…this is my gig, I loved the place.

One of the city original outer walls

I wanted to spend more my there but my days are number by the impending winter which everyday make sits bone-chilling effects felt.

With a horrendously busy border ahead my stay was short and I beelined it to keep my momentum up and get as far as a reasonably could, my options for accommodation out there were very little, either too far or not far enough so I struck it in the middle witha desert camp.

What a nice quiet spot, had about 10000 square km to myself LOL.

Home for the night
As the curtains closed the temperature plummeted

With an early start (7.00am) and kick the frost off the tent the border awaited 180 km away.

Approaching the border my GPS said 4.37 km and the trucks were already lined up....holly shit.

Being a terrorourist on a moto we get sent to the front of the queue, I was out of Uzbekistan with handshakes and smile, welcomed in Kazachkstan with the same and in less than 1 hour I was done and dusted and on my way.

Such was the pace I was finished prior lunch so I made it down to Shetpe some 300 km south so it would then make use of the half day and get me ahead of the game which was well cool.

Found a hostel with a hot shower and wifi so the world was good, welcomed the bed inside as outside was getting bitterly cold.

To cap off, I walked to a small fast-food style shop and bought a couple of local type dumpling/pies and drink. The owner having never talked to a Kiwi was coul and we did some pics etc. After I had eaten I showed him our location in New Zealand and we had more chats, I then ordered a dumpling to take away for breakfast, he gave it to me and would not take the money saying he really appreciated me taking the time to show him and his son New Zealand on the map etc.

I was taken back and extremely thankful too, more handshakes and goodbyes.

Tomorrow...the port and the boat....that will be interesting!!!  

Author of this article: Twomotokiwis