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Taskent To Samarkand

Tar seal, seen plenty, only POI for the day was the typical “Stannie” drivers who really don’t give a shit and will cut you off in a blink.

Boom, done, we arrived in Samarkand, good for those who love history and shitload of tiles then this is the place for you, dickie this would be your gig to replace the little fockers.

Making our way there
The outer edge

We got to the wrong end of the main attraction, ticket box at the other end, we asked the police if we could jump over and go to the ticket box, out comes the phone and for no tickets we get a discount….so we didn’t get any tickets and the attraction was good.

We made it just before dark set in so seeing it by day then with the lights was coul.

Yup, big
These are no small buildings, they have been fully restored
Have a closer look and see the Swastika

So this thread is about pictures rather than me appearing to be deep and meaningful, there is a stack tonne of USSR based history here and pretty much I can not even start on it so I won’t.

Enjoy the pics

They look pretty glam all lit up
Looking directly to the ceiling.
Lit up and looking great
Another ceiling
...I was hungry
Fully it.

Our next mission is Bukhara, lets see how that unfolds.

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