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Jeonjin-ri To Gangneung

Some things you should not do, lend out your chainsaw, drink drive….and various other silly things like using screwdrivers on a deck with slots big enough for the fukka to fall through.

Now my front tyre has not been holding air so I thought right-on I will fix it here, I had time and it was a lovely day.

As I happened to leave my 4 wheeled hydraulic jack lift platform behind I had to improvise, the seat in front of my castle, perfect until 45 slid off and hit the deck braking the corner off the padlock.


Only plastic, still works

Take 2, lay 45 on her side and pull the axle out ….saweet, that is when the muppet show started, the above mentioned third item, I was using the screwdriver to release the clamp pressure when the screwdriver bit drops out and plops out of sight between the deck boards….ya shittin me, bless the little Korean man who did his job so well making it wide enough for a dumb whiteyfoo (same dude who went through that ladies office) to drop shit through.

Was going too till now

OK, not to get angry at myself but instead pick up a bad situ and make it right as that was my only screwdriver and it is double ended so I looked at the deck, HA screwed down with hexes….my lucky day, remove the deck easy as and after undoing 6 screws the screwdriver bit it was patiently waiting for rescue as a result of bad parenting.

2 up 4 to go
6 up, game on
Reunited and yes I did fully screw the deck back down

I was thinkin cleva now cos I’m an ideas man and packed up all my tools and shifted 45 to a bit of ground where shit couldn’t fall through, yeah I know shoulda done that first time, grey hairs are a bastid.

With 45 down on the deck and front wheel removed I let down the tubliss and outer and poured shampoo and body wash (nothing but the best) to try and seal the dry bit that was leaking. One elderly gentleman kindly offered a puncture repair kit and I had to explain it would not work. I gathered quite a crowd but they scattered when I pulled out the camera except the dude in the blue trousers he wasn’t quick enough.



Yeah safe!, the concrete curb providing a good bead breaker, I had to do it quickly to or it would have been full of 1 cm long ants, little (big) guys were everyhwere

Job done and dusted, wheel back in and seems to be holding up now….that was lucky!

I got to talking to a young fello Kitae Kim and his wife Kaho Tasiro, they were very helpful, they were getting ready to leave the beach when the wind picked so I helped them pack down their tent and goodies to their car, he had already helped me do the same when I was setting up.

They were staying in the hotel across the road, he said having done travelling the hardest thing was to keep clean and kindly offered a hot shower…take that I will,  smelling like a second-hand stinky biker not nice for humans, shower done and he handed me an iced coffee, a present from the coffee Gods.


Two welcoming cool faces and a whiteyfoo alien

He is Korean and she is Japanese and they were on a 3 day hoon before she bunks down with a baby on the way, later they came back to my camp and asked if I needed anything from the shop, yes indeedy I do, was going to cook my dinner but no lighter….

We all piled into his car, get the goodies and head back to camp, he then offers me chicken which was beautiful and spicy with almonds, we split it between us so in the end I didn’t even need to start my cooker.

YUMMO, pictures cannot do justice to flavour and taste

The evening draws in and I am camped beside a motorhome, I show them pictures of our bus and it was a google translate exchange on motorhomehead stuff, they then started their BBQ up and I was invited to try their chicken over the coals, what a great night.

To finish, there is a seat in front of my castle which had lighting (but it was a useless jack), a quick play with the camera to spot the nasty “screwdriver bit eating” deck before hitting the sack.     

...lurks in the shadows, my own security lighting

Good morning, rise but no shine, sun was behind a vale of cloud, it was extremely stickie humid, I thought it was going to rain.

Packing down everything I was dripping and couldn’t wait to get on the moto to get some air under my wings.

Again I trundled along the coast taking in some new roads, I have to be at Donghae to catch the Ferry on Sunday, I am only 96 km away and feeling tired after riding quite a bit each day to make the most of my shortened stay in Korea.

Also being the weekend accom gets booked up real quick so I set too and organized a motel half way, short day so I could do some washing and catch up on my ride reports etc. 


Yes the whole building is on a slant, some builders get paid to do it and some can do it naturally LOL.

A scenic cruise was all today with only 56 km to accomplish, stickie stickie relentless, sure as shit just after I got to my motel it bucketed down with thunder and lightning…good time to be indoors writing to you guys.

Highlight was meeting Kitae Kim and Kaho Tasiro, a small question from me about camping lead to open hearts and help and now I feel we have gained a friendship for life, Ellen and I will go back to Korea to ride from Busan to Seoul and meet up with them, Seoul is not a place to ride a moto but do more sightseeing with local knowledge.

Thank you guys, we look forward to meeting you again. 

Author of this article: Twomotokiwis