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Capital of Tajikistan, many services and facilities and what turned out to be a lifesaver for me.

I have been trying to get a front sprocket for 45 since Russia and with no luck, I even had some sent from New Zealand and they have disappeared into the abyss of Tajikistan.

This is what happiness looks like, money can't buy happiness but it can buy you a front sprocket which makes you VERY happy.

20000 km Old and new

A huge thank you to Aziz from Bike-House of Dushanbe, he ordered my sprocket about 4pm in the afternoon and it was with us mid morning the following day, dude is connected and know who to deal with so a plug for a man who can help, store this info.

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Happy lad

Also a huge thank you to Lobke who bought a water filter from Holland and hand-delivered it, the courier feee...a good coffee at Mazzas Coffee which also comes highly recommended.  


Lobke and I at the Cafe

Now the downside to being a Kiwi, I also talk about the things that really fuck me off and that is headed up by Garmin.

My In Reach which I am paying $60 / month for has MAJOR issues, Garmin have had 2 months fucking around while I test it for them at my expense.

Finally they said they could not find anyone to replace it after I said I would be here in Dushanbe and no support in the region, I jump on Garmins site to find a dealer site and Azerbaijan has a dealer, are FUCKIN hopeless and I can't see how the hell you can execute a rescue when you can not even swap a defective device. Seriously your customer service ranks with the worst I have seen and you should be ashamed of the shit you have dealt to me

This will be updated when/if/maybe Garmin get their shit together.

Now for better stuff, Felix has left today after we have been traveling in Tajikistan so we said goodbye, we will catch up again somewhere as we are heading similar directions, was a pleasure riding with you mate and we will see you again. 

Bastid ...making me look taller LOL
Yes he is a big German lad
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