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Vanch Valley To Dushanbe

We booted it down the Pamir Highway and turned right on the inland route to Dushanbe from Kalaikhum, our first stop another military checkpoint, there are quite a few and not really necessary to be honest but that is the formalities of Tajikistan.

We ran late getting over the 3300 metre pass at 5.30 pm and it was getting bloody cold.

Our stop was a very small town and our digs was a room in a Mosk. I was bloody cold so even the lukewarm water felt ok, we had steps to run up and down and we had a big cook-up to warm us as well as hot black tea which we poured in by the gallon.

Watching a movie was in order as there was nothing else to do so it was a bromantic movie theatre in the big empty mosk.

Partly bombholed tarseal and most gravel and today with a little mix of flooding, we woke to grey skys and cold, no sooner it started raining and we packed up under heavy rain.

Brown creeks greeted us at nearly every low point, none were difficult but all were fast flowing and you could not see the rock that wants to steal your front wheel. Also the brown and red clay providing an awesome skating rink for us to keep our minds on the job, a truck that had been through previously had made a heap of chewy paste to slide on….n o i c e

Out to another military checkpoint, not sure why as it is well inland, anyway just formalities and having all our paperwork correct it was no issue.

Yeah muddy and wet

The road to Dushanbe was a combo of paved again but better nic, however the rivers that cut across certainly were making their presence felt.

Not too bad but you can't see the bottom
Washing the bike

A lunch spot was had in a gazebo on the side of the road which proved to be nice shelter and our spread seemed to attract attention of welcomed sorts.

Further down the road the back hills rain made an appearance too, only takes a very minimal amount of rain to make the place a wash as there is bugger all vegetation holding things together on the hills.

Greeted with this is hard to tell wha is underneath
No worries was shallow and looked more evil than it was
Easy cheesy
Felix making it look easy

As with any great adventure where no man has ever travelled before there is always a Lada. Now this was no ordinary Lada as it was full of Nuns.

Their driver was slightly taken by the crossing that greeted him, I signalled to him that it was ok and that we had just come across.

Still he took no chances and he gunned it, I was waiting for the bang from water getting in the intake however he cleaned all the water our of the creek with his speed, out the other side it was sputtering and coughing in a cloud of steam wafting around like a bad fart nonetheless he kept the boot up it and disappeared over the rise and gone. It woulda looked so cool on vid but there was no time to catch him sorry.     

Yee haa
No chance of sitting in the middle at his pace

A cool mountain that looked like a volcano cut in half graced our eyes so it was out with the camera, it was an awesome pattern from volcanic activity with swirling pattern and uniform. I don't know if it was a volcano that blew out in half, if so it would have been bloody epic to see (from a distance).

Once clear of the hills and onto the lowlands it was plain sailing to Dushanbe which was the hopeful stop and fixits place. 

Cool as patterns
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