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Vanch Valley

Morning came, both 45 and Felix’s Africa Twin had grown tarpaulins to keep them dry, actually they threw a large blanket over Felix’s bike so his comfy swede seat sucked up all the rain LOL, 45 was dry with a colour co-ordinated blue tarp.

Breaky was mile rice with sour milk and tea, the sour milk was actually beautiful so we had a nice start.

Saying goodbye we did some pics, the shy fello trying to generate a smile but not sure, he was however stoked to sit on the bike so and he knew his nice demeanor had earned him a seat which sirtalkalot was wanting the day prior.

Getting past our previous camp that we didn’t quite stay at I came across the ultimate warning, bear jam and fresh (bear poo full of berries).


Bear jam
Fresh as

Getting to within 9km of the top of the valley we met our show stopper, the river had washed out the road and bridge. We looked and judged and finally conceded the crossing was not worth it knowing there was a bigger fan ahead, it was very likely there was more damage on the bigger fan

Where we had to cross
Were we wanted to go
Looking down the valley
Looking up the valley, our glacier only 9 km away at the base of the snowy peak
One Moto Kiwi TV

Turning around and heading back being our only option we came across more bear jam which clearly made our decision to listen to the locals a good one, on the way down a I had a twitch in my gut, I ignored it thinking just a fart.

Another twitch made me realize things were not optimal, I tooted to Felix and we stopped, whipping off my jacket and suspenders for my pants and running while unpacking the toilet paper it was all hands to the pump to remove a boot, Klim pants, long johns, bike shorts so I could lose all the gear to avoid any unnecessary enhancements.

Nearly made it but still had some gear on, you could not have fitted a slither of paper between the scatter-bomb No2’s and my boots so someone was looking after me, feeling I had just cheated death (or at least a shitload of washing) I went to stand up only to find in my haste my pants suspenders had snagged themselves quite well on a Matagouri style thorny bush which made things interesting.

Contortionist act and some ripping and swearing I was free again with no damage…what a mission.

Back to the abnormal program we continued down the valley, again gut cramps but this time a heeded the warning early enough to avoid tan pants or boots. Was not long after an all was good again and I think my belly just went WTF with the fresh sour crème.

The trip back down was good the weather doing it best to hold off before the imminent bad weather forecast 

Making it back to the main drag saw us fill up with bucket and funnels again and a quick lunch was in order.




Author of this article: Twomotokiwis