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Bartang Valley Up To Murgab Day 2

Having cooked up bread fried in sesame oil and with nutella and a real coffee for breaky we had a visit from the farmer and his wife, we said good morning inviting them for some of our special dude fude, this was reciprocated with the lighting of a fire and a pot of tea.

Out came a the dried apricots (I think) and we had collected walnuts which we gave to him and he was very happy, no words spoken, just smiles, cheers and dude fude which was internationally enjoyed.

The assortment
Dried Apricots I think, they were very nice.
The boss and me, very nice fello.

Making our way up the valley is was warmer with the wind and the river had risen a bit, my guess would be probably around 300 mm, this is quite a bit in the river.

River coming across the road.

Having had super dupa clear days coming down we had the change of the big girls uncover and the weather changing them from looking friendly to fearful

Bigs girls looking daunting with wild weather

Getting up toward Khudara the last town on the Bartang on the way up mum nature had really picked up in the wind department with whirlwinds, mini-tornadoes and pretty epic dust storms just fronting us head-on full valley width.  

Rough weather coming in
The front of the dust storm which we rode straight into.

It was both hands to the pump and eyes peeled for a sheltered spot to camp, our options narrowing as we made our way up the valley.

Finally 19 km before the zig zag we stopped and sussed out a place to call home, a sheltered spot behind a rocky headland slip and some trees and even some scraps to make a fire.

Sheltered camp, bloody good find
Time for a cuppa in the sun
Looking towards where we are going to go.

Making almost a spag bog for dinner the tomatoes gave it quite some colour, actually Felix had his lipstick on and I told him to take it off but he refused and was naughty ….

Lippy yeah baby!!!

Dinner was had, dishes were done to the caveman fire was started and gave us warmth and entertainment for about an hour, when the flames went out so did the enthusiasm to stand around and freeze so we peeled off bed about 8.00pm.

Woh Hoh, warmth
Inside the fire, feel warm just lookin at it
Selfie, yes I am actually in the pic on the left...stays in shadows....
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