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Bartang Valley Up To Murgab Day 1

Everyone talks about doing the Bartang Valley the other way, (grass is always greener syndrome I think).

Having time, having done it down, having the opportunity with the weather to sneak through, having a travel pal, having the stupid idea that we may as well do it cos we can …sorted let's do it.

My heavy artillery meds seem to be settling things down, we had 1 or 2 small big issues on Felix’s bike to sort first, given my tender guts we were in no hurry anyway so no biggy.

I decided to check my subframe as well while we had a courtyard and nice day so I proceeded to remove the luggage and lift the seat only to find that Mr.Yamaha had all the subframe bolts exposed to perfect view without removing things (yeah I know), anyway it was a good sympathy job in support of Felix’s biggies.

45 easy as
Felix's bike, neally easy as

All back together 45 was ready to rock just awaiting her sick master, Felix got all finished as well so the next day we hit it.

Fueling and fooding up at Rūston my entire right pannier was full of extra fuel as we needed 3 days worth and we were climbing 2300 vertical metres, shortly after the busy town and up the valley we took a lazy lunch and small break.

In between though a lovely dog sitting with his owner took to me when we rode past and he was playing for keeps.

Out came the Sidi skud boot and I king pinned him so hard on the head it sent him rolling and singing a loud song of disapproval, he rolled off the road to the amusement of Felix who was behind me, stoked at my lightening quick defenses this must be getting up to dog number 10 or more that have attacked us, they seem to be related to the Peruvian dogs.

Lunch spot, lazy young punk needing a rest
Being a fossil I thought I would see if I could find relatives in the rocks LOL, I needed to check out the surroundings, you need to stop and look or you simply miss this stuff.

A wee way up the road we came across 3 riders coming down, we popped their bubble as they thought they would be the last ones through, now I think we may be as the weather is crapping in hard.

Good chatter and good byes we all took off on our merry ways, last time on our way down I wished I had taken a photo of this crazy bridge so today was my day, if EVER you think I will take a photo then go nah….GET the photo.

The gathering of lads
Yeah I was there too, very appropriately placed bridge for my photographic convenience
You wouldn't wonna swim in here

With a crazy amount of work building the abutment and the bridge pretty spindly I was not too keen to stomp across in my riding get-up so I settled for an “on the end” photo instead.

Check it out ..whoa
Me on the abutment at this end shows you the "creek" beneath

On the way up having a chance to “look back” at what we had come down it was very real that it indeed did feel like a completely new ride, with the views 180 degrees different and the sun on the mountain, yeah majestic again with the glamorous girls looking down on us.

Yeah pretty cool.

By late afternoon the clouds were rolling in and the wind was getting pretty frisky, I tagged a spot on the GPS for a campsite to find out it was a small village which means you get hounded with curiosity, the first few times are funny and coul but when you really wonna cook and do stuff you feel like you are on a stage having to perform so it is easier to low 5 the kids and wave and carry on through to somewhere out of sight out of mind.

We found that spot away from the wind etc, was a small edge of a plantation so we snuck into the inside to get out of the wind.

I did take some pics but with the LCD screen broken I didn't see they were all out of focus.

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