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Kyrgyzstan Sum Up And The Heart Speaks

The place I really wanted to go, scenery wise I was blown away, Police wise even more fucked off that Kazakhstan with their insistent and blatant lies, now we have dealt with corrupt people/police before but these guys really do take it to the next level.

My frustration of constantly being pulled over for them “just doing their job” costs so much time and needless anger and the fact they will bullshit to your face AND expect you to believe it while using the strength of their uniform to defraud you.

All of them I try to keep my cool but I did unleash on the guy who told me I was drunk when I had not had a drink for a week as that was over the line and the speeding shit lies was too much, I really had had enough of them, again these guys really took the shine off what is in essence a stunning country with nice people. 

To focus on the great side, there are massive peaks with stunning vistas, pretty much there wasn’t a day that went by (apart from in Bishkek the big city) where I thought how cool is this.

Getting the unseasonably cold blast at Song-Kul with the snow was a treat and I enjoyed it even tho it was incredibly cold.

On a personal side, again I wished Ellen could have experienced the trip and its happenings however with that in mind and we will be back next year and there will be new places, faces and things to see.

I met some very cool overlanders who we will meet again most probably in their home countries.

Bike wise, 45 took it in her stride with my only casualty the left mirror mount which was alloy welded twice, the final fix….Kiwi, wire and aquaseal, should have done that in the first instance and saved some money and had the job working right first time round. 

Would I go back, hell yes and fuck the Police I don’t care, I never paid any of their stupid bribes and I never will, never will they get a free beer lying for it from me.

To sum up, if you love wild and outdoors get to Krygyzstan just be prepared for a little (lot) of bureaucracy/lies if you are traveling on the main drags, other than that rip in and enjoy it there is so much to see and do and make sure sure you have your own wheels as it opens the place up dramatically

My Favourite pic in Krygyzstan, 45 probably won't agree
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