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Wakhan Valley 25th September

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear craziman, happy birthday to me …..breakfast was up with a feed of sausages and eggs with genuine fake coffee and some chocolates kindly bought to me by the hostel owner wife…good times.          

Although I am supposed to receive expensive gifts from everyone I understand the post system in the Wakhan Valley is slow so it is acceptable to send them to New Zealand were the truck can unload them, so instead it was my day for giving some petrol to some cyclists for cooking as there are no gas stations for another 300km, next up packing up then today was all about me.

My wish was to have a lunch of some sorts and another hot pool if possible.

Fueling up from cans we headed along the Wakhan Valley which bounds Afghanistan, the mountains there reaching high and looking majestic covered in snow. 

Felix filling up

I could not have asked for a more superb location to spend the day of my 53rd birthday and thought to myself it really doesn’t get any better than this.

Afganistan and Pakistan in the background while standing in Tajikistan
The village we had just come from

Cruising down the valley was one of those yes I am alive days although I still did not feel perfect in the guts.

Getting to our bromantic lunch spot Felix was feeling it in the guts too and had a No2's again and was not up for lunch and I was only on dry biscuits, while not the perfect birthday lunch we were still in a magic location so one can't really complain. 

Wicked cool scenery
Lunch spot with no lunch hhhhmmmmppphhh
Sorry about this

Meeting a Russian rider he also recommended the Bibi Fatima hot springs so Mrs.Garmin was asked to send us there, taking our turnoff it is quite a ride to the springs, ¾ the way up we came across Karin and Coen from Landcrusing, Ellen and I met them in Equador in 2013, I knew they were here in Tajikistan and Stu & Jen said message them but whenever I remembered we had no service which is frequent here.

The lads!

Was so cool to catch up with them again it really made my day, the moto travel gods giving me this gift that was worthy.

Saying goodbyes with a selfie etc we carried on to the hot springs, 150 metres prior there is a small hostel run by a family. He invited us in, $15 for dinner, breakfast and bed right there, looking across from Tajikistan to Afghanistan and immediately there Pakistan I could not believe my eyes.

Wayhay the team!

To this point every time I thought it could not get better it just did, we decided to stay at the hostel as we could unpack, sit in the sun, relax then go to the hot pools without worrying about our gear....not that it is an issue here anyway.

They have a big outdoor daybed sorta thingie and bought out tea with bread and blackberries for snacks, talk about perfect afternoon relaxing.

Daybed thingie kinda cool

Doing some planning we established that within one screen of the GPS at the closeness of China, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan which was quite amazing really, as you can see we established that at 2:43pm and at 3207 metres LOL.

See the close proximity.
Yes standing in Tajikistan, looking at Afganistan and Pakistan, pretty cool really, only names I have ever seen on TV

The hot pools are excellent too, hot water coming down stalactites and into the pool was pretty cool, the water probably bordering 40 degrees.

Relaxed and happy was back to the hostel for dinner and a little whisky.

I have to say other than not having Ellen here to share it I had a day which just seemed to get better and better so to say I have had an excellent birthday is an understatement, my only big disappointment in my Garmin In Reach not getting messages out, not a biggy with birthday messages (although a pissoff) but I am unsure if it would get a SOS message out which is the basis of having it and paying a premium for it, going through the bureaucratic stuff now with Garmin.  

So as with every big occasion, I had one Two Moto Kiwis sticker left so what better day and better place to put the sticker. 

Sticker going on
Done, next year a picture with Ellen as well

All in all a great day out and in as well as a great location, yes dickie it is very similar to where you guys rode too, in fact not far away as the crow flys.

Tajikistan has been awesome so far despite my little guts issues which seem to be plaguing me a bit. 

Thanks to all who wished me well .....this has been the best 53rd birthday I have ever had     





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