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Shahdara Valley To Langar, Wakhan Valley

We did a couple of small jobs on Felix’s bike then made our way up the valley peaking out at 4191 metres, the top section being a boulder hop and river crossing which was a little above Felix’s pay grade so some manhandling and he was sorted.

Don't forget to stop and look around as you miss these massive peaks hidden at the ends of valleys
No valley is complete without a random house size rock in the middle of nowhere
Felix coming up the valley

The boulders made for interesting riding and the altitude making its presence felt, the WR with long travel suspension sucked this up with ease, also to be fair to Felix he had started to get a guts thing and the altitude was making him crook as well, they don't make strong young punks like they used to eh!!!  

The boulders making life interesting for Felix

Getting down the final zig zag tp the Pamir highway where the humans drive was entertaining, capped off by a final river crossing.

Signing off the Shahdara Valley was awesome, the rewards of stunning scenery and hot pools making it another very cool ride and part of the trip, also it confirms to me everyones version of hard is different as is everyone version of fun v torment.

The final victory splash

We booted it up the main Pamir highway and made it to the Wahkan Valley turnoff, needing to get over the pass and drop elevation ASAP as Felix was feeling the altitude and was not well we made the pass at 4326 metres and made a break for the lowers lands, cresting the pass we meet a Kiwi cyclist so that was well cool.

Getting up there
Cool green lake

Given we were on the end/edge of Afganistan we were a little uncomfy of camping next to the border which was literally over the creek, generally if you are going to have any trouble border lines are the most likely.

That is Tajikistan on the left hand side of the photo and Afghanistan over the creek

With me still suffering a little of the gut stuff and Felix not feeling good from guts and aititude we both decided to get a hostel which saw us sneak I just prior darkness.

We did however have some entertainment along the way.

Yeah man size toys to sit on
Late afternoon early evening sun lighting up mountain tops
Random waterfalls and they are big, see the building to the left

Hostel had dinner, breakfast and bed for $15 so done deal.

After dinner we were talking with a fello and it came into the conversation it was my birthday the next day, turns out he was the hostel owner and he bought up some chocolates etc was was so cool.

A hot shower was in order which was a treat, the LED bulb not playing the game so it was dark, no stress the hostel lady put in a real candle and a LED fake candle on the window sill, although I couldn't see what I had washed it was very bromantic LOL. 

Some cheap grog, free chocolates and some cyclist to chat with...great birthday eave. 

Nice touch with the candle
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