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Song-Kul To Naryn

Each Gur or Yurt has a fire to keep the place warm powered and heated by poos, dried horse and cattle poos which works well. There are no trees here so wood is a premium and only the first class get that.

The night was very windy and bitterly cold, I needed airplugs for the wind noise, my 2 Belgium roomies froze their arses off and did not sleep very well at all, me having camped at altitude and cold was street wise.

The dining room
Our bedroom for the lads

Poor wee 45, she had to stay outside in what became slightly miserable conditions.

Larry lonely...Nigel no-mates... you get the picture

Given the issues we have starting motos the previous day we decided to check both hire bikes, both needed oil, 0.5 litre between them. The XT was hard to start so I pulled the headlight socket out so we had full power and we got it going, then the Chinese Honda, only thing Honda was the sticker.

The starter motor was very ill, all noise no work, I pulled the starter motor out and upon parting the casings pieces of armature fell out so the windings were falling apart, I cleaned it, the rear bronze bush was slogged and oval, we heated the casing on the fire and poured oil into the bronze bush so it would soak some in.

A careful reassembly and all systems go again so hopefully tomorrow it will fire into life. So far everyone I have ridden with on this trip I have ended up being the head mechanic and getting them outa trouble, it is not in my blood to ride away saying your problem and I don’t mind but these hire bikes are extremely bad condition bordering fucked and they would not get a WOF in NZ and the list would be long.

So my new Belgium buddies absolutely stoked to have a “mechanic” on board as they would have been screwed otherwise for both fixits.

Now while writing this it is trying to snow outside, the last forecast we saw when we had service was clearing however mum nature seems to have changed those plans.    

Photo 4 of Korea, Russia, Stans To East Europe (page 50)
On the fire warming things up ...POS.
Yes there was a bone chilling coldness about the air
Ominous clouds building

We had dinner and breakfast included with our stay and the food was excellent, the people who run the camp very friendly and welcoming and their son a hard working little tough guy with a very polite nature.

The young fella filled our fireplace up with coal and poos to frighten off the cold for the night which was gre.

2.30 am nature calls and I need to unload No1's, shoes on, grundie run and out the door then WHOA .... that is COLD and WHITE, standing there doing my buisso couldn't be quick enough as I have snow settling on my shoulders and hair.

Back to the Gur I was going to let the boys know we needed a Plan B now, they were both dead to the world and we could do anything anyway.

Morning came and the 2 sleeping beauties woke and I said we need a Plan B as it has snowed, they both larfed knowing I was good at pulling the piss, so I opened the door....  

Yeap snow
The 3 girls ...poor things
oto ox...who>
New Yamaha white walls
Sorry for the broadcast but the wind chill and speed was wicked bad

The day was obviously cutting cold stark, we discussed Plan B which was stay and sit it out, Plan C bail and try to get out, Plan D .... hmmm

In the end by midday it was looking semi ok, where we were to go was still snowing lightly but 100 fold better than an hour prior, we had a quick lunch and loaded the bikes to bail and hope we were not going from trying pan to fire.

Just as we start getting to the pass Nicholas got another flattie, this time in a very inhospitable location to say the least.

They had a car tube and one tyre lever from the rental company, wankers.

I ended up getting all my kit out to get it sorted out so we could get down to warmer and safer temperatures as the wind chill was a killer.  

Near the top of the pass
Patrick wondering why the flattie again
Wheel off and into it.
Top of the snow line
Making our way down to the warner parts
Wicked cool pass reminds me of Peru
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