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Khord To Tsagaannuur

Mozzies, well, these guys took it to a new level, during the night it sounded like heavy rain on the tent but no it was the mozzies trying to have a slice of kiwi taking me back to visions of Siberian mozzies, I am sure these guys are related.

Morning came and the sound was still there, I opened my vent screen and it was black with the bastids. A good morning was had through the canvas and the plan was to pack up at warp factor 2 then have breakfast where we were not on the menu.

I was dressed in my moto pants and boots and Klim long top,(they bit right through the fleece long top) when I exited my tent all fury broke loose while I was trying to pack up, I was stung 25-30 times by the time I had the bike packed and helmet on so my face and neck were all red and swelling…bastids.

It was 9 km to the road in a straight line and I took part track then overlanded it to just short of the road where we (Lobke) met up again and stopped for breakfast, couldn’t believe the night and day difference in such a short distance, that has formally been the worst camping spot despite its beauty.

Hitting the road we had an alternative route to the border planned however we met Jorge from Pueblo in Mexico on a BMW1200 so we stopped and gave him a heap of information, he was a very nice guy. Midship of discussions 3 Russians turned up and stopped so we had chat and photos which was coul.

All this side of the road party stuff set us back long enough that we could not afford the extra time around the mountain to the border so we stuck to the tar for the day.

Stopping at Ulgii we stocked up on food and water, this time the water station was closed and I was forced to buy water, a 5L bottle tanked both my 1.25 L coke bottles and my 3 L Klim pack bladder with a few mouthfuls left for the thirsty lad so I gave the bottle back to the shop…the lady thought I drunk it all and looked very surprised.

Over one of the passes there was some cool coloured rocks too, neat. 

Lunch spot was awesome in the sun with a watermelon to boot, leisurely day.

I could see myself having lunch here so I did LOL

70 km up the road to a weird wee town called Tsagaannuur with massive border style fencing all around it, a reminder of its yesteryear past in the USSR when things were not so rosy.

Lobke went for the hills and I went for the river, I found a superb spot next to a creek and very quiet so I was stoked for my last night in Mongolia.

Next day border day back into Russia…..

Late avo sun shinning on my home
Dude fud, noodle with fried onions in there and a burger in the pan.
The backdrop

Russia - Kosh Agach To Altayskoye To The Border

Leaving Mongolia was one of some heart felt sadness as I wanted it to carry on, however my list is not getting shorter of places to see and of course the VISA was nearly out.

The border crossing was about 4 hours all up, we waited 3/4 hour just to get in the gates. 

Arriving at Kosh-Agach was good though, familiar territory with how things work.

As I had crossed the border with Lobke and as it was our final ride we had decided to get a hostel to organize our shit, we had so much fun asking for one person for one room…..or two people for two rooms….or each person wants a room…..or…fuck me it was hard.

In the end I said to Lobke, I will deal with mine you walk outside, give me two minute then come back in and deal with yours, then I am one person asking for one room and it worked....boom ...sorted.

Sooooooo….can I have a room please, yes sir of course!!!!

Ok, deciding to buy a dinner rather than cook we went out, I was starving by the stage, walking along the path….Donkey!!!! it was Wonhee and George from Korea…again!!!

Hand shakes, man hugs and larfs…who is stalking who LOL.


So, as we had met outside a supermarket we got a dozen eggs and a coupla onions and took them back to the Hostel, Wonhee and George came back to the hostel and stayed as well, they had so much fun they ended up with a double bed…nutha story.

Dry bread fried in sesame oil to make croutons, scrambled eggs, fried onions, noodle and some apples for dessert we had a feed fit for a king.

The morning arrived on time (funny that), washing done, ride reports updated, shit sorted with everything from bike to fud it was time to hit it, Wonhee and George saying farewell and Lobke too, all three are staying in Russia while I hit it to Kazakhstan then straight through to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan which are my main focus.

Doin the tarseal cowboy thing up the main drag was cool, the countryside in Novosibirsk district is stunning with mountains snow laden right through summer.

Very nice area
Big girls standing tall
Serious cool road on a big roadie!!

I had it in my mind I had 800km to clobber from Mongolia to Kazakhstan however something was astray it is longer.

I did some 400 km on the tar before getting bored so I set the GPS to shorter distance which sent me AWOL through small valleys, river crossings, gravel roads and hick towns so that was cool.

I ended up in Altayskoye at around 260m above sea level so it was stinking hot, one hotel and it was full, talking with the police they pointed me to “local” hostel which is also a garage and massage parlour.

While it had no wifi the place was very nice, clean and some coul Russian dudes tryingtospeakinglish it was funny, it was $14 bucks Kiwi for a room with three beds, hot water and all and a safe yard for 45 so good value.

The lady behind the counter was also a gem helping with getting me sorted, no-one could speak English and my Russian is still limited to basic and there was some discussion around my passport and paperwork but it all got sorted, she also rang her daughter and her friends to come and meet the alien which was nice, their curiosity making translate work overtime, helping the local economy the bakery next door did well out of me with some nice pastry thingies and some potatoes and noodle stuff combo to knock up a kiwi feed.

408 km to Rubtsovsk with road conditions unknown the next morning fresh to the border, started off nice then I hit the flat lands, road conditions changed from gravel to supa new tarmac so a normal day.

Arriving at Rubtsovsk I was trying to find a hotel so I could catch up with Ellen before she hit the bed, it was a mission and I finally found a nice looking place, it was a bit more than I wanted to pay but…

So the reception girl was a bitch and talked down to me, couldn’t be fucked and thought she was way cooler than me which ever way you look at it, I put up with her shit while being polite, paid for the room, ask for the wifi code…no wifi!! (wifi stickers everywhere)

She stood there with a smug look on her face and said "het wifi" (no wifi). Revenge, I said quite loud" fuckoff no wifi and at that price gimme my money back", some other people who had just walked in obviously understood and turned around and went back out, the girl shrunk down to size a bit so I hammered her and enjoyed myself, got my money back and walked out like a boss with her wondering WTF just happened and she looked shocked so I felt stoked.

Bailed to a place called Coffee Art and got an iced coffee, they gave me wifi so I talked with Ellen which was cool, asked the dudes there and they pointed me to a hotel across the street which was cheaper, had free and better parking, air conditioning, ensuite, a massive bed, very nice helpful receptionist and wifi… win win win.

After settling in I went to the gas station to blow my last Russian money, I had 1000 R in my pocket, shorts, T-shirt and keens with my helmet and gloves.

I sparked the interest of the Police, they stopped me just as I pulled into the gas station so EVERYONE was watching.

Police…where are you from.

Me… New Zealand.


Me…I have none they are at the hotel.

Police…We need to see them.

Me, no problem follow me to my hotel and I have them all there.

Police…where have you come from.

Me… Altayskoye.

Police…No, on this trip.

Me, South Korea, then Vladivostok and Magadan

Police…No no, on this trip.

Me, yeah South Korea, Vladivostok, Magadan etc, Mongolia and down so I could meet you here 8-) (with a big smile).

Police…(looking confused) ouwh, well have a nice trip.

Me... handshake and thanks…the end…and yes I did get my gas.

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