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Altai To Bulgan To Khord

Meeting up with Lobke we set a game plan to head to Gobi B, for me I have this Tarten square corner where my GPS goes offline so I am sailing blind to some degree.

Plan was to go through the mountains to the next valley and camp at lake Tseteg, we made it to the “lake” which was a dried up puddle and the wind was howling, we hightailed it across the flats and found a hill to hide behind which was perfect (but no lake) so it was back to desert camping again.

45 and Staika
The Tartan square

Rocking up to the campsite I found bit of wire which is Yamapart 101DF (desert fix), out with the pliers and twisted it all together again until I can get a replacement…..fixed !!!

Fixed!!! ... well almost

Just as we were heading off to bed a fox turned up, during the night he returned trying to get out food, first to my tent then over to Lobkes tent, I ended up chasing him away cos when I hopped out of my tent he had a go at me so I stepped it up to war biffing a stone or ten at him which secured the deal.

The following morning was south towards China, a tarseal cowboy day being a welcomed reprieve from corrugations and sandpits, Lobke also very happy as she had to have her subframe welded in 4 places after it broke and sagged.

At the pass we got to 2779 m and of course my Tarten zone started there so back to blind mode.

Stunning mountain colours
Road to the pass

The landscape through here is nothing short of stunning with bald mountains, no trees, awesome array of colours and salars again.

We made it to the destination town after a small navigational fup to have a late lunch at 4.00pm. The plan was to find the gorge which we were told about, turns out it is all closed off now and turned into a hydro lake….booooh no good there, heading back into town we camped beside a river was very nice bar the mozzies.

The following was a lazier start as I had washed my socks and cycle shorts which were starting to smell a bit manky, the day was sunny and hot so perfect drying conditions.

The road back to Khord was totally paved again sending us through a gorge with twisties to play in which is a real change from 90% of Mongolian roads which are straight and boring.

The eye candy in the rocks was stunning again so to be fair it was an epic nice ride.  The pass in the middle sent us up 2878m and it was chilly after being in the desert basins but the view from the top looking down across the mountains and plains was wicked with the late afternoon sun changing the face of colour in the rock. Leaving the canyon we had the straight and narrow again, simply no way to avoid this.

Contemplation the horizon
Still thinkin LOL

Which ever way you look you are wowed, it is hard to explain the stark beauty through my small camera. 

The road in the valley

Stopping at a small town for gas and supplies a young fella maybe 12 years old could speak a little English and he gave us a piece of water melon each which was very nice, he then signaled of us to come over the other side of the street so we did, he was selling watermelons and they were at local prices so we supported his gig and bought one from him, he was stoked and wished us safe travels etc…good times.

Making it to the lake for a camp it was a scenic spot an even had a lake, but with water and heat comes mozzies and these fukkas were aggressive akin to those of Siberia. It was tents up, a quick feed then in behind covers to escape the hungry buggas and chat through canvas.

Was time to catch up on some writing so that was a bonus in itself.

Tomorrow we hatch a new plan to head west toward the border as the VISA runs out, always keeping an eye on the paperwork here soas not to get caught out and overstay or there can be trouble.





Perfect camp if not for the mozzies
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