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Tsetserleg To White Lake

While getting supplies and changing money in town who should I run into…Kiwis again, I went up behind them and said stop stalkin me bruh, they turned around and it was handshakes and larfer all round.

Their Landcruiser support truck had lost a disc pad lining so their tour guide dude was off to find a replacement.

Needing to get my writing done and having the best wifi yet in Mongolia I chose to hang in town for a day, I also tried to find a water filter as mine has broken which means I have to boil water every day now or buy it, I can’t stand the thought of buying water and all that plastic waste that goes with it and when you see the amount of bottles here thrown out it is spooky to say the least.

While Mongolia is beautiful is it is heavily littered which is a shame.

After staying in Tsetserleg to finish my homework I was ready to go again, a good nights sleep would have been just the ticket however the guy in the next room came home at 2.15 am with a skin full and decided it was a great time for an argument with his misses.

It went on for what seemed forever then went quiet, not long after he had a chat with the big white telephone so yeap…a bit interrupted for sleep.

No stress, set everything for a charge so I could leave loaded, wake up in the morning … power cut, everything half charged at best…welcome to Mongolia.

There was enough hot water for a quick shower, by the time I was done it was already running cool so me ol mate next door gonna have a cold shower LOL, serve him right.

It was a cracking morning but chilly, the road apart from the first 10 km was completely paved and not bad nic apart from the usual bomb holes to keep you on your toes.

Rolling countryside

Not having any expectations for the day it turned out to be a pleasure ride with eye candy to go, passing the famous volcano and gorge which reminded me very much of Detifoss in Iceland.

Volcanic edges
Deep canyon

This particular area has a volcanic history, the mountain that blew it top and flowed lava all the way down and across the valley leaving just a small area for the river to continue. There are volcanic rock thrown km away from the original pot and there are clusters of rocks the size of houses which were thrust out and sent km away from the eruption, she woulda been a big bang.

Volcanic plateau
The last bit left by the river leaving a narrow channel
Some horses taking a dip in the river

My destination was plus or minus white lake which is blue, some people had talked it up so I was ready for some WOW…, ok so it didn’t quite do that nonetheless it was still a nice location to camp for the night, took me a bit of time to get a spot as it was very busy LOL.

Pretty nice
Pretty tight but I manage to squeeze in.

I shared my camp with some curious horses and some geese, with no matrimonial scrap going on I had a good kip.


White Lake To Urgamal

Leaving the lake I had an early start for no other reason other than I crossed a time zone without knowing, they should put a large sign of the side of the road in English for a us fossils so we know.

Looking at my phone I was on it until I started riding and spotted the difference on the GPS.

Tarmac, brand new and no one on it…yet, it was so fresh you could still smell it and there was no dust on it. Nice for a change so I can look out the window a little.

Fresh as bro

AWay up the road I came up behind a white van and black landcruiser that were following what turned out to be a roading truck with tar fluid in it, everyone was doing about the 80 km/hr limit.

Next thing all hell broke loose, something broke on the tar truck tank and tar fluid blew out everywhere and all over the road, by the time everyone got stock of what had happened it we were all 100 metres too late, the landcrusier turning slurry brown/black and the white van (Police as it tuned out) got coated, me I copped it too riding through the shit and of the road.

45 is covered now and I am not sure how to clean it off and my white gold shoes no longer white.

Yeap it went everywhere
Lucky some mud still on 45 as it stuck to that

The landcrusier and Police van looked like shit so they will have a hard task at hand to clean it

These guys got a monty job ahead
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