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Erdene Zuu Monastery To Tsetserleg

If you are going to go to a Monastery this is the one, there used to be 500 buildings in the enclosure but wars and time have seen it diminish to what it is now, it was preserved as a showpiece for history and power.

Entry is free unless you want to go into the bigger building, the rest is free to walk around.

This building and the one below are still in full use.

Two main buildings are still used for chanting and prayers, there is also a Yurt setup for people to come and pray and chant with the Monks.

This building has been renovated

As the structures are hundreds of year old they have slumped and time is showing its ugly face on the paintwork however given the harsh environment here they have stood up well.

Also the foot traffic, similar to China has worn the paving down considerably.

See the thickness of the old paint
Prayer drums are common theme here.

Many of the worship structures are actually solid brick and stone so have stood the test of time other than cosmetically beaten from the weather 

You won't move this fella in a hurry

I have no idea what this inscription says but is surely is craftsman work carved into the solid stone 

Outside the commercial “catchnets” are in a row ready and waiting to take any tourist dollars for anything from trinkets to holding an eagle to wearing the original clothing and having pictures…along with lots on Mongolian small eateries and some westyfoo stuff as well for the terrorourist who does not wonna step outside their square and try something new.

Funny enough, I met a Kiwi there on a 2 week moto hoon, I actually found him out because I saw two Indian looking fellos who were from Singapore and they said they had a Kiwi in their group, small world again. 

Big Eagle, shame to see it tied up just for the tourists, pretty glam looking bird
All the old clothing you can dress up in and have your photo taken.

Setting off we headed to Lake Ugii to camp, this is a very popular tourist lake so yeap Yurts and people everywhere.

We found a fattish spot which was cool, setting up we watched some Mongolian fisherman try their luck…there were no screams of joy just larfter at nothing, for me I had a wee win finding a small brass ball and bell which is now on 45 as a good luck charm.

Home for the night

Bailing from camp after a stormy and wet night we hit it to Tsetserleg for oil changes, bike and gear repairs, the thunderstorm cloud already making an appearance, we had to get across the grease based lake flats or we would be in the shit big time, we slinked our way between ugly ominous clouds which closed like a stage curtain behind us so yet again we dodged a bullet, I think my new found brass good luck charm had already kicked in.

45 and Harry getting us out of trouble
This is the dodgy cloud and thunderstorm behind us in the picture above so VERY wet where we have just come from, can't tune it much finer than that.
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