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Mongolia – Gobi Desert Exit Continued To Some River

The last part was not so hard and the landscape started changing the more we headed north, the hills came alive with colour that reminded me of Pumamarca in North West Argentina 

Wicked cool colours in the afternoon sun

As it became greener the animals and Yurts started appearing again and life in the habitable area more and more so, in the Gobi middle you will find nothing bar a cluster of Yurts for tourist camp.

So Yacks put on a display  

Rolling Mongolian landscape

At one small town we stopped for an icecream and some supplies, a young fella, his mum and dad all stopped on there small moto, the young fellas eyes gleaming at the two strange motos and motoheads.

Lobke had a spare Honda hat and she had just found the perfect person to give it too.

If ever there is a moto rider in the making you are looking at him right here, Lobke gave him the hat and that was one thing, she said hop on the bike but he didn't understand, I tapped her seat and pointed to him, again he wasn't sure so again a signaled for him to come and sit on the bike (while I was holding the bars and the bike), well shit, try and pull the grin off this young fellas face and you would have a hard task.  

Shit yeah!!!!!
Mum, young fella and me, very nice people and very friendly to us strays

Making it to a paved road we headed towards the oldest Temple in Mongolia, being late (again) we decided to set camp by a small river on some grass flats.

Was a great spot other than the mozzies which came out to play, not bad for me in the tent with mozzie screen and all but for Lobke in her bivvy bag setup she got nailed.  

Camp set up
45 has a new use...washing line holder.

We had barely set up when a reasonably big size dog wandered up to our camp, he was friendly enough and I think his nose did the driving to our camp as we cooked up a feed.

I little while later two more dogs came and our mate stood up and wasn't having a bar of them turning up to his new found moto mates, he growled and the hackles went up... he just befriended us then protected us, he also invited himself to stay the night sleeping by Lobke and her bike.

GOOD MORNING Mongolia!!!!

Saying good morning to our K9 buddy we dropped camp and set off to the Temple, Mr K9 had a sad look on his face when we rode off.

Next up the Temple, the oldest in Mongolia


Author of this article: Twomotokiwis