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Busan South To Sinjeon

The rain came to fruition, about 130 mm in 12 hours, I stood there looking at 45 as the carpark erupted with muddy water and she stood there with a river running underneath.

The wind had picked up too and water was flying everywhere, the hotel owners sandbagged the rear door which slowed the water down but it still came into reception.

Hoping the wind wouldn’t get much stronger as I didn’t want 45 to drop into the drink, luckily she was behind the hotel which blocked the worst of the wind.

With airplugs in I could hear the rain hammering down and the wind swirling around angrily so it was slightly disconcerting.

The following morning I woke to steady rain but the high volume stuff had left, the temperature some 20 degrees cooler than the previous day although still stickie.

I had an invite to meet Galen who was only 30km away from where I was staying so I hightailed to his place, had a coffee and a banana (thanks mate) and he gave me some pointers on where to go so I had a bloody good look around local stuff I would not otherwise have known about.

Highlight of the day meeting Matthew from Café Matthews, a Kiwi who has set up a café in Hallyeohaesang National Park. I supported him with a coffee and he was stoked to talked win.

Matthews Cafe

Unfortunately with the weather system the cloud/fog stole my views of surrounding sea and islands, can win em all, was a great riding day exploring so no complaints.

As I made my way back to civilization I found a camping place so was going to put up the tent, all the sites have raised platforms made of timber, apparently you have to book the sites online and the weekends well ahead…never mind.

Finally settling at Tongyeong at a small place I set too and caught up with the paperwork and trip recording, it has to be done daily or it has gone into the abyss of memory dark lands.

Few pics of today.


Nice roads to boot
First official bit of gravel
A small back road completely made of concrete and this small rock abutment towering over 45
My "view" can just see a boat on the water

Tongyeong to Jirisan National Park

Another good riding day, fine weather this time and view not to bad, still a haze in the air but that seems to be the norm.

Starting in Tongyeong this was my last day cruising the small islands around the sea edges before heading inland.

Today was totally paved (not bad to relax too) and site seeing, being a Saturday the traffic was heavy given it is a leisure/tourist area.

The roads being not big meant that one road maggot out the front doing 35 ended up with a train being them, I did sit in the queue but after a while I picked them off one by one or it will be winter before I leave Korea.


Land reclamation and yes that is a bed of bamboo with shells binding it
Dinosaur entry gates
Large bridges down this part, bigger ones on the Toll roads which motos are not allowed on
Cool tin dude at a bus stop.

The roads being not big meant that one road maggot out the front doing 35 ended up with a train being them, I did sit in the queue but after a while I picked them off one by one or it will be winter before I leave Korea.

I had a nice thing happen, I stopped at a lookout to take a pic, after getting off the bike there was a grey bag right in front of where I stopped, I didn’t even see it being it was the same colour as the concrete.

There where two people having some fud and drinks so I picked up the bag which was full of woman's makeup etc so I took it to them, they said it wasn’t theirs so I put it back beside the wall in a viewable place and the people said don’t worry about it the owners will be long gone, they liked my honesty and offered me a coffee which I accepted.

A chat via Translate and pictures on maps etc a white van then pulls up, a young fello dressed to the nines hops out looking REALLY stressed, he walked along the concrete wall and it became apparent pretty quickly he knew of the bag, the fello who gave me the coffee yelled out to him and showed him the bag, the young fello B-lined it too us and it was explained to him that I found the bag and bought it over to them, the young fello shook my hand with gusto and gave me two bows so a sign of double respect.

They chatted for 30 seconds and he was gone with bag in hand, turns out it was his wedding day and it was a bag from one of the wedding party so it ended well.

Finishing my coffee and packing my superman suit back under my riding gear I headed back to the mainland, now being unaware of how things work here there are camping spots all around the coast, one by one I went passed and they were full because it was Saturday, knowing I was still in the touristy part I headed inland with  two more camps on my list and both were full. I finally stopped in a small town and asked a shop owner, he called the Police who turned up within a minute.

The Police man, very polite and could speak a little English, so he took me to the ONLY hotel within a bulls roar, it is a dump, spendie and the lady who runs it really should find a job that does not involve people.

Anyway, kinda cornered and tired I sucked it up but not all was lost, I was given a gem ....I got the room with a pink bedhead and mirror to watch myself….ok….will stop it there.          

I reckon the pink totally clashes with my orange shirt LOL
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