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Mongolia – Gobi Desert

Making our way down we lost our path and took a wrong turn, well sortof, it was a cool ride over rolling hills and all with great views to boot, we eventually caught up with the main drag down to the dunes.

Even a wrong turn nets some cool vistas
Back to the main drag

Sand, lots of it although I had vision of a far greater expanse of sand and although we were in the Gobi Desert which is huge only a small portion is in sand dunes and it is a long narrow strip.

There is a marked point at which you can do the crossing, for me this one of my boxes I wanted to tick, deep sand riding not top on my list but you can not have one without the other.

We made into the heart of the crossing with both of us paddling our bikes in the deep sand a ruts, it was knocking on 40 degree heat and the engine fans were whirling away on both bikes

Acting the goat
Lobke paddling the soft stuff

We headed out of the dunes and we were running late due to taking the wrong turn, given both of us wanted to see the sands we decided to do a small turnaround and camp smack bang in the middle which was to be a superior move with the sun and sunset.

Finding a shadowed part and out of the wind we set up then took the camera for a walk, it was stunning to be honest and more than I could have hoped for.

The night cooled off fast and 4 camels came to join our party.

Spotted, interesting the visitors you get during the night, cows, snakes, camels, locals......

Now this is pretty much a picture thread and none of my waffle will help, so, stick your head in an oven and turn it on fan bake so you can get the real deal feel....ouwh and enjoy!!! 

Gobi lines
Does this sand dune make my bum look big?
While it is easy to be consumed by the beauty of the sands the mountain ranges on each side are stunning as well
The wind making a sneaky wee ghostly wind drift haze
Again sneaky wee wind drifts
Even in the desert there is plenty of life, this wee fella about a 10 cent piece size and making tracks
Sun setting over the Gobi
Dinosaur hump ridges
Ripples in the sand

That my friends is an extremely shortened version of what I saw there, I honestly could stare at the desert sands for hours and I did, you can keep taking photos till you are burnt to a cinder and dehydrated but the feeling of being in such an inhospitable environment really stirs the instinctive caveman into bodily preservation mode but also into full-on WOW and appreciation mode sucking up the eye candy that mum nature serves up to those who chose to take it on knowing things are so harsh and can change rapidly, being prepared is paramount and the rewards simply awesome.    

Author of this article: Twomotokiwis