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Mongolia - UB To Khamryn Khiid

Lobke from Holland who has been on the road for three years also wanted to go to Khamryn Khiid the centre of energy Mongolia, for me I wanted to see the Chinggis khan statue but the road is very bad so will have to save that for another day.

The plan started with two of us heading south east, then other riders one by one heard of this and we finally left with 6 riders of varying skills and bikes.

First we had to dress Wonhees little Taiwanese 125 cc bike, we called it donkey so it was fitting to mount a carrot to urge it to go faster.

The carrot

Gasing up and out of town we only made it a short distance before mum nature had other ideas about our nice day.

Wet gear on we hit it south with the elevation increasing and the temperature decreasing.

Wet gear on

Along the road there are Police everywhere and they make a fuss of it if you go over 80, we pull up to a check point, Mr.Plod signals us all to pull over, one of the girls has no papers at all for the bike so we are wondering WTF is going to happen.

He rocks up, looks at us all, gives us a sign and pulls out his camera to take photos so we go with the gig. He finishes his photo then starts to walk off.…nah, I want more than that, so….bein a kiwi I yell out “HEY BRUH”, he turns around and I signal my camera at him, he smiles and comes back and yes we have photos with us, Mr.Plod and some random dude who thought it looked like fun.

No idea what the sign says but who cares.

Mr Plod with the dudes and Mr Random

Next town we rock up to get some supplies and there is magazine guy there so yeap get a pic of him too…nice pink supermarket too.

Coolas glasses

Setting camp behind the only windbreak we had was our only choice, the weather getting more wild as the night progressed. We cooked under half a tin roof and tarpaulin for a wall to stop the wind and driving rain.

The night was long and the tent was slapping around a lot even though it is wind strong, the other tents suffering wind push and Patricks tent taking in some rain water and he woke to a pond inside.

The only shelter for a long way
Our kitchen for the night

Packing up cold and wet we headed south again, 20 km out from a town there is a road block and with a 15 page survey on what we thought of the road, …really!!!, to be honest I was not in the mood, I had had a crook guts so had not eaten for a day and a half so I was cold, wet and not enthused to take the survey but with the Police there we had no choice as they would not let us through without doing the survey…..Hummph.

Finally getting to town for lunch at lunchtime everything was shut, it was weird, no food courts and shops were open, fast food signs but locked doors…they musta have known we were coming, Anothony spots a place and goes upstairs and yeap small restaurant so game on.

They usher us into a side room with one flouro light then shut the curtain which made it dark so we opened the curtain much to all the girls surprise, there was a Japanese girls class there.

They all finished upped and left leaving behind a few dumplings, Wonhee asked what was the fate of these to the girl who could speak a little Korean, the rubbish so they said help yourself, well he did, 23 of them so we all pigged out on these then when our lunch arrived we were already full.

We were aiming for Khamryn Khiid but as travelling in a group of 6 this slows you down a lot. Gasing up at nearly 5 pm with the weather cutting in again an exec decision to get a hotel was made, right next to the gas station so it was a planning night on devices.

The mob

The morning was to Khamryn Khiid, the centre of energy. Quite an amazing place with a history. We spent quite a bit of time there and took our time to write our worst thought out to burn it away and to write our good wish and plant this to the good centre of energy spirits. I can't explain in depth anymore so google it 

A soak in the sun to suck up our share of the energy before getting back to town and beyond, some photos from Khamryn Khiid

Author of this article: Twomotokiwis