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Ulaanbaatar Horizons Gathering

Getting into town was my first fill in 45 and it cost me $30 grand, need to be a millionaire to fill up here LOL, cost is about $1.34 kiwis for the 95 so WAY cheaper than NZ.

Finding a café with real coffee it was very nice and it was about $2.50 so cheap enough and they had wifi which was handy as I had not caught up with Ellen for two days.

Also contacted the tyre guy at River Point Lodge to see if I could come in early, could not see the point of staying in town if I could head out there set up and relax.

Managing to tick all my boxes it was time to pile into the race … I mean the traffic, holey shit these guys go hard, if there is half a space opening two cars will dive in with he who has the biggest balls, wallet or shittiest car winning so this is a bad combo for moto riders.

Arriving at River Point Mrs Garmin was sending me AWOL so the Mongolian maps are not entirely there, needless to say I could see exactly where I needed to go so logic says go around until I find the entrance which worked perfectly.

Getting in the gate there was a dozen big bikes and my first thought is gezz I am the last one here but it turns outs they were from a previous tour group that have all gone home and their bikes going into a container truck to be shipped home.

I decided on a Yurt as my lodging for the three nights, my tent wet from camping and covered in ash as well. My sleeping bag needing airing out and everything needing attention of some sorts.

Inside my Yurt

My arrival day was very hot and dry which was perfect so I got the washing done, tent dried and cleaned I am as flash as Michael Jackson now.

With all my prep finished I was really looking forward to meeting other traveller moto riders as I had only seen 4 riders in 7000 km.

The following morning 9.00am was my tyre changing time, with a workshop right there I was stoked so 45 was put up on block and it was game on, the mechanic was supposed to change the tyre but I led the charge as he had no ideal about the tubliss system which he would have fucked in an instance I had left him to it.

I had a choice of E804, and E804 or an E804, luckily they had them in black which is my favourite colour.
Up on blocks easy as

Once we had the old tyre off he looked at the tubliss and told me something was wrong with my tube as it had shrunk and gone hard and needed replacing LOL.

I said no, he goes and gets a new tube and I have to be forceful to a guy who is trying his hardest to help and say NO.

I then became the teacher showing him what it does, he was amazed and called the others over to look and all conceded it was a great idea but still had no idea how to fit the new tyre.

Again I led the charge and once complete they seemed more relaxed, then the show maker, I need 110 PSI to inflate the tubliss, the said NO WAY you will smash the rim and blow the tyre to pieces, I still could not explain is so I showed them a video of it, they said ok but no responsibility on their part, they cranked up their compressor handed me the valve assembly and they all scattered as I pumped it up to the said tyre shredding rim smashing pressure.

Their compressor fizzed out at 90 PSI which is close enough, but me bein a total bastid when it got to 90 PSI and I realized that was it and they are all watching from a distance so I pulled a weird face looking at the tyre.

Watching them outa the corner of my eye I quickly pushed the wheel up the small height wall, jumped back and yelled and the WHOLE lot scattered like a bomb had been dropped and they were off like a brides nightie and out the door, I stood there larfing my arse off and they slowly came back in realizing the whiteyfoo just punked them, the whole workshop, onlookers etc were pissing themselves larfing so it was very funny….now we are all good mates cos that certainly broke the ice. 

Upon refitting my wheel I checked my steering head bearing which had a small amount of movement, 2/3 turn on the preload nut and this was sorted too.

Washed the air filter, general check and 45 is ready for her next round of Mongolia and west.

The afternoon was a presentation and some music and meet a few riders but only a couple of riders and the rest in overland vans and 4x4, I think the adventure crowd is changing and getting older thus more and more trucks seem to be appearing.

Some general shots of the place

45 beside the main tent
German riders on BMW
The camp

Next up the happening of the event.

Author of this article: Twomotokiwis