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Olkhon Island To Irkutsk

From the ferry it was paved road all the way.

The day was turning gloomier and was full of smoke, drizzle turned to rain and rain bought the cold so it was a progression of dressing up along the way.

Back to the main drag was back into stunt drivers are are disrespectful to motos, I was riding the left hand wheel track of the right lane, if I was on the right hand wheel track they would literally come up beside me and force me aside so the best thing is to stand my ground as they do not want an accident because it is big trouble for them.  

So just a 290 km long wet ride, again no pictures.

Tomorrow Ulan Ude or beyond towards Mongolia.

Irkutsk To Ulan Ude To Halfway To Border

Heavy rain, destructive flooding, epic fires and all sorts poor ol Mother Russia is taking a beating as are all my vistas and the final part of my Russian adventure.

Kim kindly gave me a GPS track that would short cut having to go all the way to Ulan Ude, I knew it would be a bloody good track as he has set the benchmark on many tracks.

Leaving Irkutsk the heavy rain slowly abated and it got minimally warmer however coupled with the smoke there was still no sun again. The road had seen some major destruction from the rains which would have been welcomed 1000 km north.

I get to the start of my track/shortcut and no way, not a hope in hell with the first bridge gone and brown swirling muddy water in the river…the end!

Back to the tar seal and boot it up to Ulan Ude, a cyclist friend from Kazakhstan was ahead on the road somewhere so my bonus is it I would likely bump into her as the is only one road.

I used the tellingbone and sent a message, I had caught her while she was stopped as luck would have it, a quick message and a pin was dropped on the map, she needed bread as well and I was right at a gas station and shop so the stars aligned.

It is 254 km from Ulan Ude to the Mongolian Border and I caught her up at 146 km.

Unfortunately where we met was sparse and the ability to camp out of sight out of mind was extremely limited, there was a cafe about 1 km up and we asked if we could camp behind their fence, they were happy for us to camp inside there property saying it will be safer.

Part of the deal was we would buy dinner at the café which is fair, it was $6.00 for the 2 of us for a meaty soup including bread and a fruit juice each…big spenda!!!


The cafe
Our hidden camp out of sight from the road

The down side, they had three dogs which were extremely vocal ALL night, by 1.45 am I was ready to pack up my tent and move a km up the road, needless to say I did not get much sleep.

We had breaky and said goodbyes and I was off to the border.  

Breakfast room.
Thank you Akmaral for the selfie
Ready to ride, off to the border I go.

Halfway To Border To Ulaanbaatar

The road was fully paved but mum nature and her anger had sent shitloads of mud and sand all over the road from the heavy rain and flooding.

Arriving at the border, could be anything from 3-11 hours, I rock up and there was 6 cars in front, but two were big vans full of Chinese.

By the time my turn came to the counter the two vans loads some 15-20 plus the other car loads were all in front.

11.50 am I arrived in there and 1.20pm I was putting my kit on to leave done and dusted welcome to Mongolia, 1.50 hours, this was because the big staunch looking Russian dude saw me in the mix with all the others pushing and shoving putting their paperwork and passports on the counter.

He looked at me and looked, hand signals …come-on so I handed it to him and 5 minutes later done and dusted, the polite Kiwi was given the good service and I know he appreciated the smile and thanks in return.

The rest of it was logical and they give me a little bit of paper to get stamps on, you can’t get the next stamp until you have the previous stamp and they were happy to guide me through it.

Long long straight roads here

Next was the epic.. epic amount of road works and yeap upper Mongolia had been dealt to by the storm too so it was very slow going and ruff, bit of tar then wrecked again, repeat.

Also they decided to do some train track maintenance which left us waiting for 1/2 hour while the shuffled back and forth, some car people were getting very agitated and tooting as the temperature was knocking on towards 40 degrees

Yee haaa back and forth, repeat

This made my entry into Ulaabaatar at nearly 7.30 in the evening despite the WR pulling 2860km/hr, its true see below, trying to find a hostel or hotel a mission, I stop and a small dairy and ask the lady, a local comes in and she can speak very little English, … the all-important words are “follow me”.

We arrive to a place that has Karaoke written on it, it was an old bar and building and is being converted into a hotel so it was even finished, I am buggered so I am happy, got a bed etc, no wifi or anything but who cares.






Yeah WRRRRRRRRR is farst

The almost hotel dude asked me if I had eaten and realized pretty quickly he had answered his own question, he came back in 15 mins with some hot food and a drink and he could see the appreciative look on my face as well as I thanked him very much, that was a nice cap to a hard day in the office.

Author of this article: Twomotokiwis