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Ust-Kut To Magistralny

But before we leave the Lena river, they get temperatures of -50 to -70 degrees C in winter which means the mightly Lena freezes the top 1.20m to 1.70m, this is enough for the ice road truckers to shift stuff up and down stream much faster than summer which is confined to barges. It still flows underneath as it is 70 meters deep in places.

Back to the program, after a late finish to get some blogging up to date I had not too far to go.

After breakfast I started to pack 45, I am on the fourth floor so a bit of a mission, I go down, unlock her and start getting her ready.

First on is the tank bag then back upstairs to get the pannier bags, I have a packing rhythm and system.

Wouldn’t have been 5 minutes up and back and I get back to the bike and some fucken arsehole had stolen my tank bag with everything in it. Couldn’t believe my eyes.

I have a quick scope around but nothing it was gone. I went and asked the security man and that was a lost cause, next, over to reception and ask about the CCTV, she gets the useless security man who takes me upstairs to the manager's office.

CCTV…nup just for show,... you have to be shitting me, useless bastids and they were not even interested in calling the Police.

I go out from the building and have a look in the grass and surrounding areas to see if they dumped it after finding out that what was in it was not big money, my search netted nothing it was a goner, they were obviously casing me out and made their move soon as I went inside.   

I go back to the security man, ask if he could watch my two pannier bags while I get my riding gear… Seriously ???

So I left them in full view of the reception in the middle of the floor much to his disgust and went and got my gear on, upon coming out of the elevator he tells me I am not allowed to wear my boots inside, he nearly wore them on his face and I told him to get fucked out loud, seems a few people understood this too and had seen what was happening, they too looked dismayed and the hotels lack of help.

He then realized he was close to getting a Sidi boot sandwich and trip to the dentist and backed off to his pathetic hole, who knows they might have been his mate(s).

While the contents were not big money they were useful in my travels and I put the camera in there, luckily it was still upstairs charging at the time. 

I was gutted and even more frustrated that the hotel would not help and simply could not give a shit, seriously bad shit at the best of time so I will make it known in the appropriate circles.

Now I have calmed down (sort of) I know it is just a thing(s) but useful to me, in the scheme of things with all the truly good people I have met the biggest mark is left by the oxygen thief who stole the bag with contents.

I hope the bear spray in there somehow gets him as that would be justice to start with and yes like a true gentleman that I am I don’t forgive him and hope he rots in hell.

Upon leaving Ust-Kunt I had a sour taste in my mouth after that shittie experience and was glad to leave and get on with my travels.

My day was only 172 km long and easy enough on a boney gravel road with mega dust from trucks.

I knocked off early which was my plan, got all my writing and pics updated from 5 days of little to no comms done and dusted.

The hostel was nice, the room I got had three beds as it was the most economical, I had no roomies that night so it was for myself which was nice.

The morning snuck around quickly and I walk out of my room with my breaky in hand, I was told off (nicely) and told to put it back as breakfast is included … WHO HOH, so a crap coffee with sausage and cheese on bread with two eggs and two crape thingies couldn’t believe it, it was good.

Set me up for the day and just as well….

No pictures in this post, nothing to see as I spent my day seething, just google seething, fucked off etc and you will find heaps anyway LOL      

Magistralny To Kachug

This was a rough day, extremely rocky and hard pack with a combo of bog holes. 

Was 423 km and I needed all of my riding day to do it, I was riding from sunshine into smoke, tonnes of it, as it got thicker I was getting concerned as there was talk of road closures which they really don't do unless they have to cos no-one obey it anyway.

The road was getting bonier and lumpier see me down to second gear for a lot of it boulder hoping one to the next, these big buggas were sharp edged too and all the dead tyres and tubes on the road/track side were a testament to the harshness of this section of road.

Boney road and smoke

Bus anyone, this bus stop not on the GPS, I will have to inform Garmin to update there Points Of Interest 

Bust stop...yeah

Wanting to keep pace to make sure I get through ok I kept the wee girl going until I was getting clear of the smoke, this saw my lunch stop at about 2.00pm as I didn’t want to stop having gone past my committed fuel point as there is NOTHING in the middle....accept a bus stop! 

Lunch stop on the bridge

Then my treat, came around a corner and there on the road a large brown bear maybe 80 – 100 metres away, he heard or saw me, turned towards me then b-lined it into the trees at warp factor 2, I did not even get 45 stopped before he was gone so not a hope in hell of a photo which was a bumma, he seemed more nervous than me which I was also happy about.

My road got better condition then the sky darkened and it dumped down, the road starting flowing and it was all on, by the time I put my wet jacket on too late I was wet on the outside, I use the wet jacket for warmth as keep the main jacket dry. 

Drip ....and it was wet
Cool cliffs with watermark which proves it is an original LOL

As fast as I was into it I was out of it and it was like a sauna 

See the clouds beyond they were angry

Arriving at Kachug it was then stinkin hot, I pull up outside a place and ask for a Hostel or hotel, one phone call and a dude appears 10 seconds later, was right outside the place, with a secure parking area etc I was stoked.

Just getting unpacked and taking everything off the bike to dry and for safety a tall dude and his mate walked around the corner, big tall dude looked at 45, big thumbs up then ran away (not sure what 45 said but it wasn’t me), tall dude reappeared 2 minutes later with his phone frantically thumbing through pictures then it came, a picture of his WR450F…we were instant mates.

Discussion about bikes ensued and it was great talking with them.

So finally getting to tea time I undo the top bag to get my bread and salami etc and crumbs fell out…hmmm, the rough road had pulverized my bread but wait it didn’t stop there, the bag had split as well so I had pulverized breadcrumbs through EVERYTHING including the laptop bag….ouwh well, I thought I will shoot over to the shop….closed at 6.00pm ……I go to the next small dairy style shop and no bread!!! I went to the café for tea!

After tea I went to the kitchen to get hot water foe a cuppa, a pilot and his engineer were there and they invited me to check out their plane in the morning, hell yeah that sounds cool, the also thought I looked hagged and skinny, the Pilot was also a chef and had knocked up a monty feed so a plate was put in front of me and I have to say it was awesome.

Down to the airport past the cows and horse on the runway and there were two planes, bought up for fire fighting, they carry in supplies to the fire fighters and make dropoffs at specific GPS points, the points are in fact flat clear areas so hopefully away from burning forest.

Felt like Raymond Reddington in my private jet LOL

The wings while the structure was aluminum the cladding was canvas neatly and tightly stretched over the structure, you could push it in and out with your finger so it was weird. 


A thank you and selfie with the lads it was back to the hostel and hit it to Olkhon Island in Lake Bailkel    

The lads
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