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Busan And Customs

Going back to the horror stories I admit to feeling anxious, I had already confirmed with the shipping agent that there wasn’t any other costs so I was hoping that was true. 

Mr.Park, Korean, could speak a little English, still lots of communicating was done on Translate with Mr.Park being able read rather than understand Kiwi and he was a very polite and nice guy.

A 3 tier process started with him picking me up at 10.00am, which he did on time, it was off to the shippers, then customs, the rego and insurance people. 

One of the customs ladies was a little interesting to deal with and I was warned about her, doesn’t take much more than a Kiwi smile and a larf and she warmed up and opened up.

I got a cool document which makes no sense to me at all and a yellow sticker…WOHHOH.

Pretty eh

45 was sitting in the warehouse patiently for me, I had already examined her and things were looking up, I did however notice the pallet and racking etc had taken a real beating with 3 dimensional twists in the steelwork and 1 bolt had been sheared off….1 less to undo LOL.

Something had punctured the top of the crate and nailed the clutch/sidestand switch, not bad, still works so will glue it back in with RTV


All in all 1 hour later and 45 was standing to attention adventure ready, Mr.Park took me to a gas station and I filled my cooker bottle with fuel as the tank was empty for shipping, gas in and all systems go.

Ready for action

Back to the hotel to tighten off, check, adjust, repack and get her sorted ready for the next day which was Thursday 6th June, public holiday in Korea and perfect chance to escape Busan with heavy traffic.

This feeling is one of excitement, shitting myself, twitchy guts and all, having been at the same hotel for the two nights I was local, it is hard to break away from that initial lifeline of comfort but sooner or later ya have to jump in and do it, not easy navving out of a major city and I will explain why.

In Korea motorcycles are NOT allowed on freeway, motorway, expressway so you have to take the back road which is perfect once outa town, GPS was doing its job mostly but the roads I were supposed to take now have a concrete median barriers and so on so there were a number of adjustments needed to get out and I needed to have my wits about me 500% due to the unpaid Busan stunt drivers.

Finally out of the city I hit rural, I wanted to see a combo of real Korea and some nice stuff too, into the back blocks, little traffic, rice fields twisty roads and fuggin HOT and stickie.

I did do an offramp fup at one stage, there was no traffic around at all so I did a little U turn and rode back up the side of the offramp….much to the surprise of the Police on the other side of the median…damn didn’t see them till I did the U-ey, funny thing was they didn’t know what to do either so I just gassed it and turned off at my correct offramp…no worries.   

45 in reception
Out of town ...burnoffs everywhere
...can you see yourself riding a moto...I can
Yeap that is a shitload of pots etc on a house roof...must weigh a tonne!

Making my way to a tourist drive the day was turning grey, the smell and taste of rain, a local guy where I had stopped warned me heavy rain coming, 100mm they say…ok time to find some lodgings, being a pubic holiday lots of place were full, I found a hotel and negotiated a price, the place seemed slightly different and I think part of it is a place you rent by the hour, they kept asking if only 1…now it makes sense LOL.

Author of this article: Twomotokiwis