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Mirny To Lensk 232 km

The final part of my journey to roads end, after the last two days I was set for war, big breaky etc …bring it ON!

Dust, hard packed road, no drama 2 hours and 45 minutes done and dusted…it was a let down after my previous days LOL …but very very welcomed.

Check this out for a lovely easy road

The Mirny syndicate had contacted the Lensk syndicate and I was met at the Police station by a 100 series cruiser, KTM990 Adventure and a Honda Varadero and escorted to Denis’s home where I was to stay.

The boat was planned to leave 8 pm the following night so I had a day up my sleeve to see Lensk.

Denis had to work in the afternoon so I was dropped off at the motoclub rooms/café, was offered a coffee which I accepted and it turned out to be REAL coffee and was beautiful, a second was offered and I could not help myself.

Some of the lads

Next thing I am taken out the door and we piled into a new V8 Cruiser with all the fruit, this was a tour of Lensk to the eternal flame monument and around.

Memorial, yes they are everywhere.
The eternal flame monument they were very proud of.
The flame, quite a big opening.

Included in my tour was an option to see their church, while religion is not my gig I said I would, the girl leading the charge and the boys opting to stay in the car.

The old lady in the church was informed I was from New Zealand and she took it upon herself to give me an extra good tour and showing me the highlights which was a travel goddess, the building was stunning to be honest and I was given a small gift to keep with me as a good luck charm, while I am not really superstitious I will take this in good faith with me as she went out of her way as did the café owners wife and this is golden to a traveller

The travel goddess gets my vote!!
The two ladies who ran the church, very nice indeed.

Back to the clubhouse and café they organized roasted pork hock which was worth killing for, luckily I didn’t have to LOL.

A tee shirt was gifted, some wine was drunk and we got back to Denis’s to find out all the trucks had arrived ahead of schedule and we were loading 8.00am, NOT 8.00pm!!!.

Dirty bike, half dry clothes, no food, panic stations and off to the supermarket at nearly midnight we raced around grabbed some goodies only to find they had no bread, off to another supermarket who had bread and all sorted.

Someone has a flash new T shirt

Denis’s good lady had washed all my dirty clothes and most were dryish but they were packed in ready to go for an early start…no pressure eh.

The final for Lensk was a fish Denis had caught and it was a feast for the table, thank you Denis and family, we will see you again.

Denis unwrapping the fish
It was GOOD size fish.

Massive thanks to Denis and the moto club guys and the Moto club presidents wife and good lady as well for going the extra mile to help kick me out of Lensk prepared for the 5 day boat ride.

I am sorry I can not remember her name. 

Author of this article: Twomotokiwis