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Mirny, my Chosen Rest Day 

Originally I was going to stay one night, I wanted to see the diamond mine which was a big part of coming this way.

One of the motoclub fellos had the day off and asked what I would like to do in Mirny, I said lets do local and I will take whatever he wants to show me, what a day.

Starting with the view of the diamond mine which is the single biggest and deepest man made hole in the earth, it is mind-bogglingly deep and huge, there must be million and millions of truck loads gone.

My digs for 2 nights
The whole hole is too big for the shot
Many have died here as well in the harsh mining conditions

Next up epic view of Mirny, then the heart felt show stopper.

A real life plane crash site that has not been moved or changed, 8 people died and when your host who is a cheerful young man has the close connections to this then suddenly goes quiet you know you are in a moment of respect.

As it lays the day it came down
Memorial and plaque
Flower wreaths
The remains of the burnt out wing

After the crazy and unexpected next was out of town to a zoo to see some wildlife, this time the grizzlys were in a cage which left me with two feelings, first seeing this majestic animal 1.50 metres from me and knowing I am not lunch, the second seeing this majestic animal hemmed up in a cage. I know I can’t have it both ways but it makes you think.

There were mountain cats that I wanted to cuddle, they wanted me for lunch, deer and buffalo and a few others thrown in, a cool experience all round.

Nice cat
See the cage it was massive
I would NOT want to see one of these in the wild and up close

We then turned our eye to a holiday camp, we were two weeks too early to see everyone there but they were prepping it for the summer holidaymakers.

The sacred tree of Yakutia
Inside the big tent domes made from wood

Finishing there we hit it back to town to the Museum, this too was fascinating to see the history of the town, there were other people there and when the lady had finished with them she came over and was gobsmacked that I was from New Zealand and standing in her museum.

Again the royalty card was given, my personal tour started with google translate working overtime, I wrote a thank you page in their visitors' book which she very much appreciated so it was a mutual thing of service and appreciation, I will mention she was slightly hot too (so I was told).

Me with my Russian mate
Typical Yakutian style and dress and typical smelly adventure rider getup!!

Back to the café to buy my man some lunch and tea we then hit it back to the club rooms, slowly one by one as they finished work many moto riderS with all sorts of machinery turned up and a bar b q was on, not one of them having a drink while riding, in Russia, any alcohol on your breath while driving and it is game over for your licence. 

I was keen to have a couple but out of respect to their sensible approach I did not have anything either, again the discussion was I was not riding so go for it, I argued my point of respect to them and this was like winning lotto for me as they took that and welcomed it beyond what I ever imagined.

Most of the Mirny Moto Club, quite a few bikes and a surprising array of machinery.
I Honda chopper, factory machine and not sure we have them in New Zealand.
Only the badest and toughest get their sticker on here because you have to be slightly insane to get here, suited me LOL.
Author of this article: Twomotokiwis