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Khandyga To Yakutsk

The day of two Ferrys, not tooth Ferries.

Leaving Khandyga the day was clear after rain, my wee godsend for no dust.

The ferry is only 20 km down the road, you take pot luck when you arrive as to timing, they will only leave when the ferry is full, this can be from 10 minutes to 2 plus hours, I rock up and there is one vehicle on it, parking up I ask the guy if it was to Yakutsk, well translate didn’t help and he said no go to the other one which I did.

Arriving at that ferry they point back to the other one, I reckoned it was the bigger one so I hooned back again, they are approx 400 meters apart on the river but it is an 8 km ride around the loop.

Back to the said ferry yes no problem, slowly the big trucks and cars rolled on and within an hour we were on our way, a short 30 minute jaunt then offload.

On the ferry, never take photos into thw sun without sunnies on!!
The load
Trucks on board
Real time showing where I am

Getting to the other side it was every man for himself like the gumball rally. I was second off wanting to keep ahead of the cars knowing I could set a faster pace, well, within 30 seconds the cars were 3 wide racing side by side for first position and I all I could do was follow in the dust and see who of the dick swingers got first place, well as it would happen the dude with the biggest engine won (didn’t see that coming LOL)

Because I was doing 80 km/hr and they were trying to do 180 km/hr my road ahead cleared of dust quickly, my trailer was a Police Lada and a huge thunderstorm, they sat behind me although the thunderstorm did extend its reach in front of us making my day much harder turning the hard pack dirt to grease in seconds.

I watched in the mirror, the Police were one side of the road to the other avoiding potholes and bog so I did the same, they followed me for 200 km through shitty boggy and sandy bits with me having a few skattie moments much to the amusement of the Police.    

We swapped the lead a few times, I pull in for gas and they did too, we both filled up, handshakes and goodbyes so was very nice.

The road surface not to bad here
Yes tired and more to go, there is NOTHING for many km (100 plus)
Villages along the way

My goal for the day was Yakustk, 387 km, the day was slow although I felt like I was racing the Dakar. The road worsened, chunks out of the road, mud, water, dust it was bloody hard going and poor ol 45 was having her fillings rattled out ( well I was anyway) but she took it in her stride.

Arriving at Yakutsk to the Ferry they were about to up the ramp, there was one hole which I signaled to the ferry ramp operator and he signaled me on, perfect timing could not have been better.

For both Ferrys the ticket man came up to me then just waved and carried on so that was mint for the dutch budget but apparently it is common theme if they like you, if not stump up!!!

Meeting Takamasa (Masa) from Japan was my plan, I tried to contact him but couldn’t, I arrived in the city centre at mid 30’s and a car goes past tooting their horn (people here are friendly) so I wave, toot and carry on to my hostel.

Next thing the car pulled up to me at the intersection, “Andi” … wooot?

Takamasa said I was coming so they were sent to intercept me and I didn’t know until they said pull over.

Everything started to come together and in a short while I was at the hostel and sorted.

Showered, tired and seriously hungry we all went out for dinner to a Georgian restaurant and I crawled into bed spent at 2.30 am, here, when it is light they play….and it is light till 10 then only dimmer not dark, like 3.00pm in the afternoon with a dark cloud.

How To Relax In Yakutsk

Being pretty buggered I decide to lay low for a few days to top up my batteries.

Sasha who had found me said we are going to a 4x4 challenge event and did I want to come, hell yeah, I showed him my blue and yellow truck, next thing it had changed from spectating to competing with me and Jack sand ladder and winchmen ….game on.

So it is an annual event and I am the first foreigner to be in it, at first the other competitor’s thought I was just trailer and was going to watch but on the first obstacle it was very clear my intent was to beat them and kick their arses.

It was a proper competition and we should have come second but somehow they calculated fourth, Sasha was beaten on the speed timed section and that was it, he is a bloody good smooth driver so we made great time on all events including the Siberian swamps where trickle and tip toe across is success with our loud pedalled opposition digging his way to China in an instant…. mosquitos, mud, water, trucks, wet nuts awesome day out.


Here are a few shots etc from the day

On our way out to the event
Photo 9 of Korea, Russia, Stans To East Europe (page 23)
Kiwi strength LOL
Photo 10 of Korea, Russia, Stans To East Europe (page 23)
Common theme for the day, the water was very warm, the day nearly 40 degrees C
Sasha gunning it
Yea ha, through it!
Siberian swamp
Sasha in the weapon in the middle of the swamp
The welcome finish line at the beach with a clean up swim in order
As this show is for everyone here is a vid of a big boat booting past, was kinda cool

We finished with me shouting sushi and bear for dinner for Sasha and his good lady Tanarina.

Photo 16 of Korea, Russia, Stans To East Europe (page 23)
YUMMO, was very nice
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