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Road Of Bones, Old Kolyma Road, Old Summer Road, Tomtor Road, Day 1

All one and the same depending on which map you read.

The part we are talking about here is the green section between Kyubyume and Kadykchan known as the the Old Summer Road.

Looks flat on the map.

Seeing out the heavy rain was a bloody good idea, firstly it gave us an extra 3 litres of fresh water during our holiday stay at the hut and secondly the weather curtailed a little earlier allowing the rivers to drop or we would have been screwed, having travelled about 15000 km to get there I was finally at the door to the hallway of The Road Of Bones.

While I accepted I may not be able to do it due to weather it was a box that needed ticking and I hand my pen in hand.

I am riding with Anatoly, big Russian lad on an XR250 with a 25L tank and good setup so there was no doubt he was good for the job, he was however relying on a stumpy Kiwi but that stumpy Kiwi was determined and able.

We get to our first river crossing ….FUCK., you wouldn’t cross it in our old truck let alone a moto laden with house and contents.

Yes brown and muddy and fast
See the size with the bikes on the right

We walk over to the bridge which is broken in half, a small truck a had driven up the guts of the broken bit so we made the ramp a little more moto friendly and chucked some sticks and logs into the holes to fill the gaps.

10 minutes later both of us were up on top of the bridge, one down….10000 to go.

The bridge top allowing our start to continue

Through to the Hunters Camp was pretty easy going with mudholes and small creek crossings, once past the Hunters Camp things deteriorated quickly, in one bog Anatoly took the right-hand side which he waved and said no, I took the left option which turned out to be nowhere near as good as the right option, my foot stuck under a log I was waiting for Anatoly to put his kickstand down and come over and help which he did.

Sorry for the smudge on the screen, I didn't know till afterwards but it was dirty

Our second river crossing came up, although clear it did have a substantial flow and amount of water which was enough to warrant one ride and one guide, this was to become the norm as was the sight of broken bridges when you need them most.

Had a reasonable flow and depth on.
Bridge of yesteryear
Happy times with another one under our belt, both of us making easy work of it.

With two light bikes and two unstable aliens grooving along we made very good time considering the conditions which varied from road bike capable to needing a trials bike.

Such was our progress we made it to the badlands of Siberian swamp, even the mafia should be scared of these.

Yes these are them. Anatoly having fun on the outside.
Anatoyly finding the depths of a swamp rut.
Bog in bog out, repeat

Having heard (and seen) some direct results of not checking the depth first we decide to play it safe. Most bogs have a depth stick beside them left by other “how deep” dudes.

Again and again, it would be 20 – 50 meters then swamp, 100 meters then swamp, I have no idea how many but essentially it would be 40 – 50 km of bog.

By the end of the first day we knocked off about 4.30 and set camp, both of us tired from pushing, lifting, weaving etc as well as waving all day at mozzies.

Nice camp site, stinkin hot
Flies, Mozzies, creatures that fly and feed on you while inflicting pain, picture this at 35 degrees desperately wanting to ditch your moto gear to enjoy the sun and stop sweating...NAH welcome to're it
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