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The Concert

Esh’s son wanted to go to a concert and I was invited to go, shit yeah... see how they do it why not.

I decided to leg it from the clubroom and have a good walk as I had time and wanted a good stretch, all was going well until I took a slight wrong turn, the road that was showed wasn’t quite what it was supposed to be so U turn was in order.

My wayward walk

Back on track and most of the way there Ellen called, I was just coming to a roundabout, I took the turn and carried on, the wind was picking up and the temperature was going down!!

A couple of minutes into chatting the google lady kept giving me instructions. With force ten winds, bit of damp in the air and trying to talk to Ellen I had fucked up big time requiring some re-directional tactics.

I said bye to Ellen then took some backyard shortcuts which google knew nothing about, I just went overland through housing highrises etc which a specific direction to aim, the smartphone saying 20 minutes, then 24 minutes etc the closer I go to my destination then suddenly 7 minutes HA…I WIN (actually was my mistake originally)       

Arriving with 15 minutes up my sleeve I grabbed a coffee which was a life saver, caught up with Ellen without any pressure on then headed to the concert where I met up with the others.

The music promo was coming from a lada, the car devoted to the sound system yeah…was loud.

Go Lada!!

Hot chicks, all trying outhotchick each other, now I am standing in hard yakka long pants with icebreaker lohnjohns, icebreaker long sleeve, Klim long sleeve and a Klim jacket with my beanie as well and I was cold, Esh’s hands turning colours and Esh’s good lady wrapped up in a blanket like an Eskimo.

So the hotter the chicks “got” the more colderer they had to be, I was like a fashion parade on how to get pneumonia.

None the less everyone was having fun and it was pretty cool being at a young punk convention and concert with some cool tunes to boot.    

The staff had cool beanies on, rasta hat with dreads, I really wanted one and the tall dude I had my photo with did try for me but they had none. 

Free drinks, crew with their Ratsa hats
Sweetas bro

At the concert there was a big sign board for all the teens to sign for their favourite singer, I think I was only Kiwi on there. 

The team pulled the pin as the temperature dropped and the moisture thickened, the enjoyment level had waned ....a shame the evening got so cold but that is the way it roles.

As I write this I am sitting in the Club room of the Moto club, outside it is 10 m/s wind and heavy rain so I am not busting my nuts to race out the door today but rather catch up on writing and some down some herbal grape tea.

Vladivostok Exit

Having served my time and taken in the city and its attractions I hit it to Magadan

My final night was one of a walk, short train ride and (another) concert with fireworks display.

Taking a stroll along the waterfront there was an army display with some serious big boys Tonka toys, I reckon this rig would be perfect for the road on bones

Looking up the hill, the camera can't really show the angle but it is quite steep
Coming down looking across the harbour

The evening drew in cold, very cold and drizzle to light rain, I had my beanie, wet jacket and all on trying to keep warm, lucky we had some Russian dance music to jiggle to so that helped fend off the biting cold.

They spray masses of what we would call bubble bath and the wind was taking it a long way
Bubble bath stuff blowing everywhere

Pyrotechnics was an awesome display for a freebee, it was part and parcel of Vladivostoks 159th birthday which is celebrated this week.

Some very large crackers in the sky with resonance beating down on my head and chest, a pretty cool feeling.

Ya mun, big booms

My exit from Vladivostok was uneventful making it to the airport in plenty of time, it progressively got wetter and colder, to get to the plane you pile into an overcrowded bus then get taken out onto the tarmac.

Yes it is exposed and yes it was pissing down, the bus stops and everyone B-lines it to the stairs into the plane, we got wet and cold with some people shivering on entering the plane.

Nice to have an uneventful flight other than it was “bring your screaming child day” which was carried out as inflight entertainment throughout the trip….awesome.

Given Magadan airport is nearly 50 km away from Magadan township it was a bus ride into town. I struggle with the language again trying to decipher the fare when a lovely young lady said 150 R, ok, that was easy. She came over and sat with me and explained where I needed to get off etc so it all worked well in the end.

My host found me pretty quickly and soon I was on my way to enjoying Magadan, the temperatures here are extremely cold but still humid and trying to dry clothing in 6-8 degrees with humidity is hard work.

The welcome entry to Magadan airport, very happy to see that. 

Author of this article: Twomotokiwis