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Yeah More Vladivostok

The good thing is I have saved you fullas thousands cos you won’t need to come here now having seen it all (well a lot of it).

Sunday 30th June I hit it to Magadan on the tin bird, I get reunited with 45 on the 4th so the moto stuff will roll through again. 

In between, this is the second to last post from Vladivostok, Ussuri Bay the glass beach.

As part of my tour of Vlad goes one feature which has become a huge terrourist attraction is the glass beach, in previous years it was a landfill site, glass got dumped on one section and trash in another.

Mum nature had a big fight with the coastline in an epic storm and tore the glass dump apart releasing millions of bottles and crocs etc into the ocean and for a number of years it was a no go zone.

With the power of the ocean she has sanded the glass and rounded it off now making it safe to walk on in bare feet, as such there are all colours of glass making the beach awesome to look at, so much so the Chinese are going there in droves and taking it away and selling it on Chinese ebay, the Russians of course don’t like this so there is a bit of animosity against Chinese terroursits here, not just for that tho.

Ussuri Bay
Glass everywhere
All sanded round
Uncle Esh and me.

It was a nice afternoon coupled with a b b q lunch at the beachfront, open fire grilled pork and shit it was good and not expensive.

The crew, Oksana on the left is a teacher and could speak good english and could almost understand Kiwi

The Gun Encasements- Uncle Esh took me for a ride, I had a Honda 250 and Esh his KDX250, neither rego, woffed or road legal so it was a dash down the road and into the trees to make sure we were not spotted.

It was a combo trail ride and scenic tour, whether had crapped in a bit which was a shame as it did restrict our views and the wind was cutting cold, in stark contrast to some previous days.

The trails we took

This area was also one of many protectors of Russia with some pretty serious fire power on board.

Spooky empty hallways
Speaking of spooky LOL
Diameter is probably 250mm
Quite the lineup eh

On finishing up there we took some more tracks back to Esh’s school, as we finished on the track Esh hit it out onto the pavement with me right behind and who should come around the corner but the local constabulary, they saw us Esh signaled me on BIG time, lucky the cop car had to go quite a way to do a U turn, we hurried off the road and down his drive before booting it towards the sheds and we parked the two bikes between his buses and the shed a quickly removed our biker gear.

A lucky escape as they get a bit antsy about it apparently.

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