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Vladivostok Wednesday 26th June, Russian Ramblings

Today was a good start but my riding day was postponed till Thursday.

Probably just as well as I had something which didn’t agree with my guts and things got interesting so my day involved being around or close to the hostel and for those of you who don’t know there is an app called "Toilet Finder" vury hundy thut is, now in South Korea you only need to do a 360 from your stand point and you should be good, complete with wifi, toilet paper and soap… Rushya (which you do at this point), first you have to find one, then you will likely have to pay as well.

No pics tho…sure you guys are cool with that LOL.

So on my walk today I decided to show you something to take note of, there are many cars here left and right hand drive, many Jap imports which they love and their own Russian brands which they don’t like. This leaves an incredible mix match of vehicle where the driver has to pull out first to see if something is coming or rely on his passenger not feeling suicidal that day.

This one parked behind
this one, both Toyotas, lefty and a righty

While at the waterfront some dudes were fishing, they were pulling up little fellas less than 100 mm long and keeping them, I guess if you catch enough you will get a feed.

All along the waterfront at least in this section there are food shops, lollie shops, kids toys and playgrounds even a skattie ramp with some talent on there, sorry for the fuzzy photo but I didn’t have enough time to engage action mode before he did his thing, dude had good air.

There is also a capsule stile enclosed boat that hoons around with terrorourists on board, I happened to be at the right place at the right time for a centro photo.

The capsule


Just the three of us here, me myself and I.

Tried havin a joke with these two but nah, they seemed brassed off ….bloody pussies!!   

Something Catastrophic must have happened as they were whisker shy, paw things.
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