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Vladivostok Russky Island

Taking it on the chin I made an executive decision without Ellens consent, felt so cool to pull rank and be rebellious spending my 55 cents on a bus to Russky Island 25km from here

I was told to take the 63 bus by another traveller, I asked here at reception and they said take the 15 bus, I pile over to the bus stop, ...... pick a number, any number as long it is not 15….all other numbers are there but not 15.

Doubts flying around in my head was it 15 or 50 so I shot back towards the hostel and along comes the 50 bus, argh ya shittin me now I missed it.

I carry on back to the hostel and ask 15 or 50? as there is no 15 on the sign!!! The hostel owner says “one five” so 15, I said but there is no 15 on the bus board, he says no it doesn’t matter but it will come..... r i g h t 

Okidoki, so knowing I had not missed my bus and had heard it right was a boost, my Russian is coming together nicely. Next up not even 2 minutes later the correct chariot numero 15 ….WOHHOH … the non system does work.

The bus being partly packed already meant I was standing, no biggie, next stop ¾ of the people got off (I was sure the shirt I was wearing the cleaner one)

The race was on to grab a seat, I managed to get the last free seat beside a girl with pink and purple hair and more piercings/perforations than a piece of wet toilet paper in the wind.

I needed some help, she didn’t seem the type to be helpful…WRONG, I asked her in Russian “please help”, well she did and she could speak English very well, so she told me the fare for riding the bus and on my phone she dropped a pin to where the bus goes and where I need to hop off, Спасибо

Just goes to show you can’t judge a book by it’s cover and she was proof.

Russky Island, famous for the university and MASSIVE aquarium.

On the way to the aquarium old deserted buildings
This is one big mofo building with the formation of an Octopus
Looking up one of the "legs"

I have to admit to being more interested in the building and the surroundings than the fish (unless they were on a plate with chips) and I had a great walk around, today was 16 degrees but still very humid so I am looking forward to being inland.

Neat waterfall
Lunch..unless you are lunch
Cool bridge and empty pool, not terrorourist season yet
Neat wee area to watch the fish, there were some big buggas in there too, picture a 600 mm long goldfish, dunno what breed they are

Walking right around the other side of the bay you can get the scale of this building

This is a QS's nightmare to measure

Gun turrets, wild animals, aquariums and Chinese, it was more like Beijing today than Vladivostok.

No lunch for me then
Gun turret setup, see pics below in its former glory
I was here
I was quite the enclosure protecting Vladivostok

I order to make the best possible stalking I wanted to make sure my SPOT was working properly so I registered with the Iridium Network in Russia, my people talked to their people and it was sorted with the push of a button, according to my leading IT personal in Ozz I should not need to but I had already done it.

Then the disappointment, I was setting up my SPOTWALLA page to make sure everything is cool for everyone …. only …. there is no everyone confirmed and written in red, doah stink bro, feel like Max Headroom tor..tor torking to myself LOL.

Riding with Nigel 8-D

K, tomorrow I am going riding with Uncle Esh from the Brotherhood Of Eastern Motorcycle Club, Vladivostok so if I am still alive tomorrow night I will clock and let ya know what happened. Love to all in NZ, miss you guys.

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