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Vladivostok Around And About

Ok, some feet on the ground civilian stuff in here for humans.

Clear of customs, paperwork and all the bureaucratic bollies that go with shipping and travel I was a free agent to take in Vladivostok as a terrorourist.

I had more time up my sleeve that I wanted to be honest but that is how travelling ticks and time seems to go out the window.

I won’t ramble on and bore the crap outa you but will allow the camera to do the chatting. A quick background tho, there are many memorials, statues, monuments, tributes etc for the past who have fallen in the line of duty, this covers everything from fire firefighters to submarine ship / war victims.


Firefighters memorial
Yeap a sub, see to the left of the picture is a memorial wall with names on it
One wall of many
Salutes to you, there are hundreds of thousands of names.
Propeller on the sub, one of two

Nearly every one of them is very specific to say you will not forget your past and you will pay respect to those who got us here today.

Fairly common theme the history is quite deep and they are extremely patriotic.

Eternal flame running
The really is a warship base in the East.

Now, two things that really feature heavily is you do NOT smile as you walk around and if you are gay then you are shunned to the corner and not tolerated (That's you out Gaz).

While I am not gay (like Gaz) and get off the hook there being a Kiwi and taking in a new world is mind-boggling and seriously interesting thus generates a smile (It takes 26 muscles to smile and 62 muscles to frown so much more work) so smiling I have to suppress to appease the masses and blend in or they will think I am crazy …..and not in a good way.

T h e n, once with an individual, your mates, your girlfriend or boyfriend you ditch the drafthorse face and turn on your nice face. So staying at the hostel the people who run it are very stern, straight faced and semi non-communicative.

Roll on three days and I am local, I always smile at them and now they are “allowed” to smile back….that was lucky ….I didn’t really want a tight fitting white jacket and secure round padded accommodation one week into my trip, they still however think I am nuts doing what I am doing and that seems quite normal for humans not to understand motorcycle geeks.

Large buildings in Vladivostok

One evening here at the hostel the girl at reception was very helpful with finding out stuff for me, she was manning the fort by herself and I had bought some strawberries from the local market, the strawberry lady was a little heavy handed with the volume so I had some spare, I went to reception and gave her a plate of strawberries and she was astounded and could not work out why I would do that, seemingly that is not the done thing.

I explained that I was grateful for her help and I had too many strawberries so I would share them with her for nothing other than she helped me, if you have ever seen a face going “OMG how do I deal with this?” this was one of those moments, common in Kiwi land, rare in Russia or at least here, time will tell, seems here anyway that it is almost every man for himself.

Gratefully received she demoed the lot cos they were good.


Lighthouse Tokarevskiy, google that, I took a walk out there which was 18.61 km return, it took me through very back streets of Vladivostok and through some affluent parts as well, was a stunning day (was supposed to rain so I wore my long pants and cooked).

Dropped a dot
Looking out to the end
I was here

More to come when I get enough stuff to torture you with.

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