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Vladivostok The Arrival

Land started appearing, Kim Jong Un had missed a good lunch and a stolen coffee so it is time to catch up with Vladimir for a sammy and coffee.

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Leaving Korea
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Stunningly large bridge
Yeap the underside, smooth and beautifully finished

Some very Russian looking buildings...yeah I know who woulda thought eh

The tops are real gold, one flake could pay for my trip

The very building I had wanted to see which meant I was I am...WOHHOH

With two different mobs being Japanese and stray (mobster) from New Zealand Yuri had his hands full….well sort of…. as it turned out the ship people said I never turned up and my bike is not on board…

I am standing there in front of Yuri and he say you are not here and your bike is not on the ship but clearly I was so somewhere they dropped me off their list which is weird given I had all the paperwork etc from the Korean end.

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This is the email I got once we got wifi, Yuri is very personable and was concerned.

Some quick phone calls, some photos of rego docs etc right there and then and within one minute I had been teleported to Vladivostok from Donghae and I was actually there but they still said no his bike is not on board.

I did start to wonder then, slightly tired and “what ifs” racing through my head I found it unusual as I had ridden the bike on myself and had photos which I showed Yuri.

Some more phone calls but the uncertainty was still there, waiting at the custom exit gate everyone else bike came rolling through, there was a considerable pause and I was starting to doubt when out she came and through the gate, the Japanese riders had as much relief as well seeing her the knowing what had been not happening, just a miss communication somewhere.

With Yuri from Links in charge we were in bloody good hands, we were in and out of customs before the Koreans had even started, to be fair Yuri and his crew are so worth dealing with

With all the lads reunited with their lusties it was good times, they all set off to their accommodation, the Korean guys hitting it to their hostals.

Phase one was complete, finally landed in Russia WOHHOH, next phase was to send 45 off on here own wee trip up to Magadan so I followed one of Yuris agents to the shipping yard which was in a weird place, more like a scrap metal yard with junk everywhere.

There was waving, measuring swearing and all sorts, Google translate working overtime with terminology trying to make sense. In a concerted effort by all I finally understand that they are saying they need to build a crate etc, all good and even a smile from the girl with big boobs who was the tape measure monitor.

45 packed with all my riding gear ready to be crated off to Magadan, another 2000km north direct line.

Heading around to the office to make the payment was a mad max scene, heading into a door in a building that looked fit for demolition we went up their flights of stairs and popped out into an office space warm and full of people with a very modern setup.

Cashing them up and getting all my paperwork 45 was on her last sea voyage and I hope to see her on the 4th July, a little later than I wanted but this is Russia.

Then the shit…fookin traffic in Vladivostok we hit it right on rush 3 hours in a thunderstorm, it took us over an hour to move 500 meters, lucky I was it the agents van and not a taxi violating my wallet.   



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