Klim - Badlands Pro Jacket review by Happyratcliff

I was looking for a good quality single layer waterproof gore tex jacket and pants set and did my research....

My top picks were in no order. Scorpion Yukon, Aerostich Darien and Klim Overland suits. The first two were Internet shopping/import only, the Overland was available through Motomox in Christchurch.

I phoned Motomox and spoke to Paul re sizes etc, I appeared to be a "between size" for the Overland suit and asked if I could be sent both size options and return the one which didn't fit, Paul was happy to do this for me and got them away promptly. I didn't fit either and Paul recommended the Badlands suit. I was reluctant due to the extra cost but thought I would have a look anyway.

When it arrived I was first impressed by the quality of the clothing very well made and excellent material choices. The fit was totally different to the Overland and was perfect for me. The suit has one of the best armour sets I have seen, D30 in the knee, hip, elbow, shoulder and back, also there is protection for the tailbone and very clever chest protection built in to the jacket. The jacket also features a built in kidney belt/back support and plenty of storage pockets.

Both items have good flow through ventilation protected by water proof zips. I have tested the suit in the cold and frosty conditions of this years Brass Monkey Rally and noticed that I can wear one less layer than I used to probably due to the wind cutting ability of the triple layer gore tex fabric.

Recently the weather was nasty enough for me to test it in heavy rain and strong wind on an afternoon ride round the back roads on the Otago Peninsular, I was completely dry after my 4 hour ride except for the usual neck leakage from my scarf. All in all it was expensive to buy but it's my protection from the elements, impacts and abrasion so it's well worth the outlay.

I'm looking forward to getting out on the bike and not having to remember the waterproof liner or finding a sheltered place to fit it before the rain hits, just put the gear on and go, ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store. Just call Paul at Motomox if your interested in getting yourself Klim gear. The Badlands is a 5 star price of riding kit.

Otago peninsula at the "Pyramids" on a very nice mild day. The Kilm Badlands jacket and pants.
review by Happyratcliff