Increasing the Diameter of Grips

The 1150GS had big fat handlebar grips, but when the R1200GS came out, they used thinner grips. I've been using my thinner ones for a few months, but the Hornet and KTM both have/had Oxford Grips, and you get used to thicker grips. I've also got big hands, so thin grips actually get quite annoying as you have to close your hand more than is comfortable.

When in the USA, and speaking to an American with a GSA by the name of David, he recommended ExcelCycleWerkes for accessories, and while browsing the website I came across a "kit" to make the grips thicker. A simple but very effective idea you wonder how many have thought of. Put O-rings over the grips. Heated grips still work, just make sure they are UV resistant otherwise they will never last in NZ sunlight. It was one of the products in the package from ECW.

Fast forward to earlier this week, the first attempt to fit them was an utter failure, foxed by BMW's desire to use massive Torx bolts to secure the handguards into place. I've had Torx for a while, after owning the KTM, but most sets stop at T40, and the guards required a T55. A trip to a Repco when passing for work secured the bit, at $11.50 for one. It does have a lifetime warranty I guess.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here's what they looked like.

Photo 1 of Increasing Diameter of Grips
Photo 2 of Increasing Diameter of Grips
Photo 3 of Increasing Diameter of Grips
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