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Change is the only Constant (Heraclitus)

aka- How time and events change our ability to collect mototokens.

When first joining RemoteMoto, about 5 years ago, I was brand new to adventure riding in a modern sense.

The Mototoken feature was a great idea to get me out and about exploring.

Of course, I picked off the local ones first, to get my score up. In those days the tokens were only worth one or two tokens . 

Over time I’ve become quite competitive with collecting them. I envy the riders more centrally located in the Mainland, who have less distance to travel to pick up Mototoken’s overall

I visited some interesting places with some epic views, but also quite a few of  ”Josh’s Fishing Spots”. In my travels I have seen a few interesting spots worthy of a Mototoken.

There was supposed to be a provision to add Mototoken’s, but I never found it .

I digress, the impetus to write this article was a trip in September 2019 up to the West Coast to collect Mototokens after the Chatto Creek Motorcycle Club ride to Bruce Bay. Since I was already half-way to the area, why not carry on and collect more Mototoken’s?

I have noted on more than one occasion that conditions have to work for you to get some Mototoken’s.

Wet weather, river levels, road conditions, access and other factors can seem to conspire against you, especially the further you have travelled.

One of the factors is human meddling. This was the case of the Tunnel Creek track end Mototoken where a photo of the DOC sign was required but some thoughtful bugger had kindly removed the sign, only the posts remain.

Tunnel Creek Mototoken

The next case of tampering was at a much higher level than human.

Access to the Lord Range lookout was cut short by the same weather event that took out the Bailey bridge over the Waiho River at Franz Josef in 2019


Lord Range Mototoken - The new road end
The massively effective roadblock
Danger Motorcyclists!

Then it was back to human interaction on a higher level than Tunnel creek for the Kinsella Peak Mototoken

Road Closed

In preparation for the swath of cycle tourists, the access road to the Coesus track and the Kinsella Peak Mototoken was being upgraded.

Being a resourseful kiwi and since there was nobody actually there to stop me, I carried on for a bit slowly until……


Working Roadblock

A digger working on the track halted progress. The digger driver was aware I was there, but just went on with his business.

Turning around, I took his lead and did the same, back down the hill.

Author of this article: WobblyRider