High Country Rock Wrestling

With tidy looking weather on the cards, another route was prepared to head up to the High Country for an overnighter. While the majority of the route was familiar territory, there was a plotted route to explore a couple of valleys I had previously ridden past, but hadn't yet ventured up.

The riding crew consisted of the KTM trio Ian, Mark and me. To get a jump on things for the maximum riding time on the Saturday, we shot up to the cuff of the High Country on Friday afternoon and camped up the night.

Our route up to the High Country was made up of as many gravel roads as possible and included a few side tracks. Here we are heading out to the confluence of the Kowai River and Waimakariri River to set a new Mototoken.
Reference Link : Kowai River Confluence
After fuelling up at the last petrol station we made our way up to a camp spot on the shore of a lake.
Waking to a picture perfect blue sky day the next morning, we eagerly packed up camp and hit the trails.
The mercury was reading in the low single digits however it made for a perfect riding temperature as we started the route up into the High Country.
As we progressed up the valley, we reached a point where the 4X4 tracks fade away and the rock wrestling begins
After a couple of decent river crossings we made our way up to the hut we planned to use as a base.
With plenty of daylight left, we dropped our gear and shot off to have a look up one of the nearby valleys.
Reference Link : Cabot Ridge Waterfall
While there was a lot of rock wrestling and some challenging line picking to cross some of the rivers, we successfully made it to the planned destination and had some pretty impressive views.
Reference Link : Mount Eliot Stream
When daylight started to run thin we made our way back to the hut. We used the bikes to collect some firewood and settled around a warm fire for the evening.
Later that night I pulled out the tripod and played around getting some cool night shots. I was on the camera, Mark was working the fire and Ian did some light painting. The combined efforts produced this photo :)
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