High Country Rock Wrestling (page 2)

While the hut was appealing in a rustic manner, the number of holes allowing strong draughts to whistle through meant we could almost fly a kite inside the hut! Combined with below zero degree temperatures, it was far from tropical :) All the bikes had a decent layer of frost on them come morning.
While it was all blue skies the day before, this day brought a decent covering of cloud. With all the rock wrestling lined up for the day, it wasn't a bad thing. It stayed at a perfect temperature for this type of riding.
Reference Link : Cabot Ridge Waterfall
Breaking through the ice.
As we headed further up towards Unknown Valley we were presented with some fairly challenging river crossings.
Finally we reached our destination of Unknown Flats, a large grassy bench near the valley headwaters. We stopped here for a bit of a rest and a bite to eat.
Reference Link : Unknown Flats
After heading back out of that valley, we were off to have a look up Weka Stream and the nearby hut before heading out of the High Country and back home.
We managed to find the elusive hut located in a thick section of bush. An awesome little spot.
Reference Link : Weka Stream Valley
The final views down the valley as we made our way back to the gravel roads and then back onto the tarmac to rejoin society!

This was yet another great High Country trip. If you are interested in riding these routes you can find all the route information and downloadable GPX files here: Wilberforce Explorer.

Author of this article: RMOTO