Gone Riding

Author's Description: Riding from Alaska to Panama took six months including stop overs to work on a turtle rescue centre in Baja California and a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. Along the way he explored the wide open spaces of Canada and Western USA, delved into the psyche of our American cousins and reassessed his own place in the world as he tried to deal with the unique loneliness of solo motorcycle travel. As a mechanical Luddite he struggled with a failing machine, but this never dampen his enthusiasm for the new - surely the essence of travel.

In Southern Africa Giles taught in a township school for three weeks, but when his motorcycle arrived his journey resumed. Heading north through nine countries he learned about Britain’s role in the history of Southern Africa and how the countries he was passing through were trying to come to terms with that legacy.

As his adventure unfolded, Giles was constantly touched by the kindness of others as he experienced the exhilaration, beauty and occasional naked fear of overland travel.

One year later he returned to the UK a changed man. He’d changed his attitude towards life, he’d changed his view on the world and he’d even changed the oil on his bike, once.

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