Godley Glacier claim by jcameron on 12/10/2018

September 2018
Enjoyed a perfect day of sunshine for a great ride from the Macaulay to the Godley Glacier terminal lake in September 2018. The main crossing point of the Macaulay to Lilybank Station can be deep for bikes in higher than normal flows due to the relatively constant 4wd vehicular traffic and farm machinery compressing the river bed gravels. If that is the case, go upriver and cross where the river braids into 2 or 3 channels. This should mean no more than just above footpeg height in normal flows, less than knee height if you walk the bike across. The river bed can be slippery with slime in places which can potentially throw you off course if attempting to ride across a wide braid. Other water crossings up the valley to the terminal lake are straightforward under normal flows but require vigilance in terms of approach. Pay attention to landmarks on your approach to the terminal lake over the last km or so as retracing your route out can be difficult due to few if any track markers and lack of tyre impressions on the stony ground. This is a stunning alpine environment, much of which is within Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park.
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claim by jcameron