Glacier Lake Challenge (page 2)

The next day we were off on our hooves and walked up to Classen Glacier Lake. This place is simply awesome. At first I was a little reluctant to go for a walk rather than ride my bike, but I am so glad we did. Simply epic views!
After our walk, we started making our way out of the valley on the bikes. Presented with more boulder fields right out of the gate soon warmed us up on this chilly morning. The goal for the route was to head further downstream to cross where the river braids.
We managed to strike three braids rather than one single flow. It made it slightly easier, however it was still as slippery as ice.
After what was an epic weekend of exploring, we made our way out of the valley and back home. Good times!

If you are interested in riding this route, all the information and GPX files can be found here: Godley Glacier Track

Author of this article: RMOTO