Fox Bomber Light Gloves

With the release of the Fox Bomber Light Gloves, many adventure riders who appreciate dexterity and comfort now have something to smile about.

Fox is not a brand I normally include in my riding kit, however one day when I was lurking around a motorbike shop I slid a pair on out of curiosity. I was instantly sold and these gloves are now one of my favourites for technical off-road riding. 

Fox Bomber Light Gloves
Palm of the Fox Bomber Light Glove
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Fox Bomber Light Gloves 

One of the first things I noticed about the Fox Bomber Light Gloves was the comfort around the fingers. While some gloves are subject to hard bulky seams, the Fox Bomber Light Gloves are beautifully assembled with minimal protruding seams.

The next thing I noticed about the Fox Bomber Gloves is the general fit and the way the D30 knuckle armour works in with the glove. You barely know the armour is there. This is quite different to the bulky plastic knuckle protectors that you get on some gloves that can pull uncomfortably when you tighten your fist.

Out riding with the Fox Bomber Light Gloves
Fox Bomber Gloves Review

Finding a Comfortable Pair of Lightweight Gloves

I remember quite a few years ago Alpinestars released a super comfy lightweight enduro glove that was one of my favourites. However I was extremely disappointed when the next year’s model was released, it was completely different and sported a ludicrously oversized plastic knuckle protector. The old glove was no longer available and the new glove was bulkier, heavier, nowhere near as dextrous and was as comfortable as sliding your hand into a basket full of pineapples.

I learned my lesson; stock up on gloves when you find a pair that fits you well and feels nice to ride in. I have now purchased another three pairs of the Fox Bomber Light Gloves as I am quite content with this as being my go-to glove for off-road adventure riding in the technical terrain.

Fox’s Description of the Fox Bomber Light Gloves

The all-new Bomber Light Glove features the trusted protection of D30 - the world leader in impact protecting foam. The D3O padding allows the gloves to stay flexible until impacted, where it instantly hardens to provide protection on the knuckles. The palm is a single layer Clarino for maximum bar feel. The inside of the fingers feature our exclusive TruFeel technology. This delivers increased sensitivity by placing direct injected internal TPR knobbies at your fingertips. The result is increased precision while grabbing levers, tearoffs, and zippers.

Features of the Fox Bomber Light Gloves

  • Premium D30 knuckle guard
  • Stretch Cordura ripstop construction
  • TruFeel internal TPR knobbies direct injected at fingertips
  • Single layer Clarino palm with strategically placed perforations
  • Compression molded cuff with hook and loop closure
  • Stretch mesh finger gussets

Fox Bomber Light Gloves Review

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Author of this article: RMOTO