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First Adventure Ride on the TTR250 (page 2)

We had intended on doing some grade 3 stuff, but we decided we need to preserve my fuel. Hmm, I thought we had plenty?! We made it to the head of Lake Coleridge where we both took a break and I really wanted to go for a swim but it wasn’t quite hot enough – plus, sand-flies.

Photo 1 of First Adventure Ride on the TTR250 (page 2)
The TTR enjoying the view

So instead we headed back past Lake Lindon along some awesome stretches of gravel road, despite the corrugation. I was a little down after Lake Lindon, I started reflecting on things I could have done better. Eventually, I decided that I hadn’t performed too badly considering it was my first ride out on the bike. I could do with some time down at the river practicing on various terrain before I head out again, so I’ll be content with having that to look forward to.

Me, not swimming, and Brent, playing photographer.

After thoroughly enjoying the best bits of Lake Lindon, we turned toward home through Porters Pass where I had to stop and switch to reserve. Right near the steepest part of the road. It was there I realised Brent hadn’t done any math on my fuel at all. I should be doing this myself, so I didn’t blame him (I secretly did). After mild public humiliation and a pep talk from Brent we carried on to Springfield. We both fuelled up and I put air in my front tyre which had developed a slow leak.

We made it home and my lovely daughter had done all the housework, made us chocolate cake (even quality-tested it!), and poured us each a drink.

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