Final T2T Logging Trip

After a number of trips riding the East Coast to find the best gravel roads, I assembled what was to be a pretty awesome loop route starting at Temuka and finishing at Temuka. It is mostly fast flowing Grade 1 and Grade 2 gravel but it also has a run along the beach plus a climb up to an epic lookout from Mount Studholme.

While this 331km route can be ridden in one day, it can also be ridden over two days. On this run to log the final ride times and shoot some video, Mark, Ian and rode it over three days and camped up both nights.

Here are a few photos from the trip followed by a video…

With having so much fun on the twisty gravel roads, the first photo wasn’t taken till near the end of the day. This is just before we started the beach section.
We had a great campsite for the first night. Nice and sheltered, plus the beach was just a few metres away for an evening campfire.
We had our tents setup fairly early in the afternoon so it was nice to have plenty of time to sit around the fire, cook tea and relax.
We had a great fire that night and I had a play with capturing high shutter speed shots. At around 2000 it can often have the effect of capturing what appears to be fire daemons trying to escape the flames! In this shot it looks like a lurching dragon...
...and this is clearly a fire pig!
The morning sunrise was pretty impressive.
After another good gravel blast we headed up to Mount Studholme
Reference Link : Mount Studholme
At the end of day two, we camped up in one of my favourite little campsites in the area.
Reference Link : Nimrod Stream
While the campsite location is great, it is subject to swirly winds when it is blowing. We all got a good dose of smoke in the face that night!
The next morning we were off again and heading towards home.
To make the trip back home more interesting we included a few sidetracks and also shot out to Rangitata River Mouth.
Author of this article: RMOTO