Final MCGB Logging Trip

While I have lived in various places around the South Island, a good portion of my adventure riding has been when I have lived in Christchurch. As any Canterbury adventure rider knows, departing Christchurch means you are faced with a fairly dull stretch of tarmac through flat and lifeless farmland before reaching the more interesting adventure routes.

After dozens of trips riding various gravel roads in order to create a route that removes the mundane straight stretches of tarmac, I put together a fairly interesting loop route called the MCGB (Mid Canterbury Gravel Blaster). This is a loop route that departs Christchurch and heads up to the stunning High Country. The entry and exit legs to the High Country use different routes so there is only a small bit of overlap near Christchurch itself.

Just last week I lead my regular riding crew through this route and they had an absolute blast. They had no idea these fun twisting gravel roads even existed!

The photos below are from one of my last solo trips while piecing together the final MCGB route. To make the most of the good weather, I also camped up a night in the High Country. Good times!!

If you are interested in riding the MCGB Exploration Route, click here MCGB Exploration Route

Author of this article: RMOTO