Final G2G Logging Trip

For quite some time I had been assembling an Exploration Route loop from Geraldine back to Geraldine as an overnighter ride or single day option for the riders who like shifting gravel and want a long, fast and flowing day route. As a result of a number of reconnaissance rides, the route underwent a number of changes to use only the best gravel roads. After assembling the final route, I packed the bike and set off to shoot a bit of video and record the final ride times.

I didn't get many photos as the focus was video on this trip, but here are a few of my favourites I did manage to snap along the G2G route as well as some detours along the way.

Reference Link : Rakaia Giant Salmon
Reference Link : Lake Hood
Reference Link : Ashburton River Mouth
Reference Link : Kongutu Reserve Cliffs
Reference Link : Lower Beach Road Washout
Reference Link : Station Peak Lookout
Reference Link : Rangitata River Mouth
Reference Link : Waihao River Box Culvert
Reference Link : Hinds River Mouth

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Author of this article: RMOTO