Fast fun going by, fast.

A weekend away down south with the lads having a tad too much fun. The four of us ride at a similar pace; when we're together in the hills the fun factor can be off the charts, and this ride was no exception!

We started out by joining the Wanaka Trail Ride (a first for three of us) which was great fun. But with my seat height still way too high (haven't got round to lowering it yet) I decided to stick to the intermediate loops. Still, it was fast fun mixing it with the younger hotshots on motorcross bikes.

Since getting into adventure riding I've just not bothered doing any organized trail rides. To be honest, as much fun as it was at the Wanaka event, I do much prefer saddling up and heading for the high country on my own, or with a small group of mates.

After the trail ride we headed onto some prestine private land, which, for me anyway was MORE fun than the trail ride! It was an in-and-out route but it put a huge smile on all our faces none the less!

Aside from the too-high seat, my 2018 FE501 performed incredibly. Uh, well, that is until my clutch disappeared! Sunday morning, as we're about to head out for the mornings' ride, there was nothing, no clutch disengagement. Turned out the piston seal in the slave cylinder had packed up; ripped and torn. This has happened to me before, on my 701. On that bike I swapped out the slave cylinder (which is known to be problematic) with an Oberon one. This I intend to do to my 501. Actually the kit is already on order. I stole some DOT3 from Dan's van so I could at least get out and mix it with the boys for the morning!

All in all, another damn good ride. All of us except one riding modern 500's. How good can it get!


The start of the Wanaka Trail Ride
Josh Martin and 'The Squatch', pictured.
It's just such a beautiful place to be in the early morning light, high in the hills...any hills!
The trail ride car park, below in the paddocks...
God I love that bike...
Some of the hill climbs, although I missed most, we're awesome.
Evening riding, not far from the Lindis Pass Hotel, which is actually some pretty cool stone ruins in a now DOC Campsite
The boys relaxing, listening to Tom Petty after a damn good blast on the bikes.
Fast, fun grade 3 trails, forever.
Ian Ferris on hooligan duties, as usual.
Author of this article: Stefan